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APR 14

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"I don't know what kind of CFL's anyone else in buying but I but the 4 ..."

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Hybrid Bulbs Combine CFL and Halogen Bulb Features


Another complaint against compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) will have to go by the wayside with the introduction of a new hybrid bulb from GE that is able to come to immediate full brightness as soon as it is switched on. As with cars, where hybrids combine the best properties of two transport technologies, hybrids are now an option for light bulbs, combining immediate brightness of halogen with the energy savings of it's great! use levitra a compact fluorescent.

The bulb itself is in a conventional incandescent-shape. Inside that is a now-familiar coil of compact fluorescent tubing. But, at the center of that is a small halogen capsule. When the light is turned on, both the halogen and the CFL come on, so that the bulb has full brightness immediately available. Once the CFL has reached its full brightness, the halogen portion automatically turns off, so that the life of the bulb is conserved.

The hybrid bulbs have an expected lifetime of 8,000 hours, about 8x as long as incandescent bulbs, and close to the expected life of regular CFLs. Additionally, these hybrid bulbs have a lower level of mercury than most currently available CFLs. The hybrid bulbs contain just 1 mg of mercury, while most current CFLs have 1.5 to 3.5 mg of mercury.

The hybrid bulbs are available for 60- and 75-watt replacement and should now be starting to appear in retail stores, with an expected price range of levitra canada prescription $5.99 to $9.99.

via: GE Hybrid Halogen

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written by Flux, April 14, 2011
I would still rather get my hands on LED bulbs. Any mercury is too much mercury in my opinion.
Color change?
written by Sarah, April 14, 2011
I wonder if the color of the lighting remains constant throughout the cycle.
written by BP, April 14, 2011
Don't get me wrong it's nice to see technology render incandescent lighting obsolete, but I've always felt that the argument against CFLs regarding the latency was a rather weak one. I'll stick to LEDs.
written by Luke, April 20, 2011
um, these hybrid bulbs have been available in Australia for years, the only thing 'new' about them is the best site viagra and diarrhea the reduction in mercury.
squeezing obsolescence
written by kootzie, April 20, 2011
yet another un-bright idea from the GE conglomerate

It is so obvious that LED is the way to go,
and that CFLs are as obsolete as incandescents,
yet, instead of progressively moving that way,
here's one more squeeze of the dregs...

A little whiz-bang "hybrid"-speak marketing
and presto, new product with very little
development investment

Yeah, OK, so it is another bright idea
(for GE)
Your Green Efforts May Be Unlawful
written by Michael Suleiman, April 20, 2011
Great article Philip!

You may be interested in an article that we recently wrote. Check it out. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements:

Your Green Efforts May Be Unlawful

The solution that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions – those curly compact fluorescent light bulbs {CFLs} are replacing Edison’s original round bulbs and are seen everywhere, from local grocery stores to our homes. But what you may not know is that sealed inside each little bulb, a hidden danger is lurking, one that involves special handling and disposal and can possibly harm you and your family.

Everyone’s heard of Mercury, not the planet… the metallic element. Hg on the Periodic table, Mercury is a highly toxic, developmental neurotoxin that can damage the brain, liver, kidneys and central nervous system. In 2007, Mercury ranked number three on the list of hazardous substances as outlined by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry {ATSDR} and the Environmental Protection Agency {EPA}. Every form of it is toxic and yet mercury is an essential element in millions of fluorescent lamps throughout the world. The Mercury from just one fluorescent bulb can pollute 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels for drinking!

Read the rest here:
Slow Lighting of CFLs
written by Carol , April 21, 2011
I rather like that the compact fluorescent light bulbs do not zap on to full power when you turn on the switch. It saves one from being blasted by brilliant light first thing in the morning in the bathroom, when one might not be fully awake yet...
written by CNCMike, April 22, 2011
I don't know what kind of CFL's anyone else in buying but I but the 4 pack at Home Depot for $4.78 and they come on visit web site cialis dosage so close to full intensity that you cannot detect any change in light after several minutes. The only slow charging CFL's I've ever seen are the tramadol no prescription fed ex ones that are encapsulate to canadian drugs cialis look like an incandescent.

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