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APR 27

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"Honestly, I think this will encourage people to buy more Ev cars and t..."

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EV Charging Stations Springing Up in Major Retailers' Parking Lots

Two major retail companies have announced that they're ramping up the installation of EV charging stations in the parking lots of their stores, meaning EV drivers around the country will soon be able to fill up while they run errands.

Walgreens, in a partnership with NRG Energy, has already begun installing charging stations at stores in the Houston area of Texas, and now the company has announced that it will be adding the service to 18 of their stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area too.  Two types of stations will be available:  a high-speed charger that can provide 30 miles of battery range in just 10 minutes and slower Level 2 chargers that provide about 25 miles of range in an hour.

Expanding out of Texas and in a separate venture with 350Green, the drugstore is installing 30 such charging stations in the Chicago area.

The other company providing convenient charging locations to shoppers is Simon Property Group, the largest owner of retail property space in the country - mainly shopping malls and shopping centers.  The company has begun installing chargers at shopping centers in Florida and California, with plans to wow it's great how much does cialis cost expand the service to its properties nationwide.

via Yale e360 and Chicago Sun-Times

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How much?
written by Xelto, April 27, 2011
What are they charging for this service? The cost to install the devices will probably cost more than the look here uk cialis locations recoup, unless they charge more than the cost of we recommend best quality viagra half a gallon of gas, which is roughly the amount needed to move a Volt or Prius 30 miles. So are they for-profit setups, planning on get cialis using the "cool" factor of being able to charge your car on the road to pay for themselves, or are they loss-leaders, hoping that increased traffic pays for the instal?
written by Corina|Electric car, May 03, 2011
Honestly, I think this will encourage people to buy more Ev cars and that's great!

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