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MAY 05

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Portland, ME Airport to Use Geothermal Heating

Portland, Maine is click here cialis pharmacy in india expanding its airport and generic cialis mexico with the renovation comes a new geothermal system for heating and cooling. The builders estimate the system will save the airport 50,000 gallons in heating oll a year.

The system will consist of a 120 wells and a series of fluid-filled pipes running about 500 feet under an employee parking lot. The parking lot will act as a heat sink and underground temperatures should stay at around 55 degrees year-round. In the summers, the fluid in the pipes will help provide cooler air to the airport, while in the winter, the fluid will help heat the air to 55 degrees before the building's heating system takes over.

The reduction in heating oil use will amount to a significant energy bill savings for the levitra attorneys airport --about $200,000 a year and over $8 million over the life of the system.

The airport funded the installation of the heating system with a $2.5 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration's Voluntary Airport Low Emission program.

via U.S. DOT Blog

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written by Ronaldo, May 06, 2011
Since this 'geothermal' system simply works on tramadol no presciption in the uk the difference between air and subsurface ground temperatures, the system will strive to reach entropy at which time it will no longer work to heat (or cool). The thermal conductivity of the ground is quite low so it will happen.

True geothermal systems use heat which is generated in the ground by natural processes (like radioactive decay, magma body proximity etc). They cannot reach entropy.
It will keep on working
written by Matt, May 06, 2011
Come on people it is just a heat pump that uses the ground instead of the air. This is not rocket science, you can get one for you home easy as pie.
- It works better than a air heat pump because the discounted viagra ground temp is closer to viagra cost where you want to be than the air temp.
- The backup system is not a extra cost of geothermal, a air heat pump uses electric or gas as back up heat. For those really cold days that it can't extract enough heat for the outside air. Note the backup system is used much less in a geothermal system than air heat pump because when the air is just try! cialis buying online -10 degrees the air heat pump has already stopped working and gone to backup; while the ground is below 20 feet is still warm.
- Yes heat moves slower through the ground than air, that is why they underground pipes are so long. The amount of pipe you need is based on the type of ground (dirt type and we like it viagra no rx required amount of water). In fact if the good choice next day levitra water table is high enough the heat transfer is much faster than in air.

The big drawback is that you have to install the pipes, so up front cost is cheap viagra cialis levitra higher. So you have to look at the cost of the whole life of the system.
Tiny GHG savings compared to flights
written by Visual Carbon, May 06, 2011
The new airport heating system will save 500 tons of GHG a year. A single 747 flight across the USA and back will pump out more GHG than that!

From a climate standpoint it is trivial to the point of denial for an airport to be focusing on anything other than reducing jet GHGs. It is like a morbidly obese person trying to try it where to find cialis lose weight by trimming their fingernails.

But from a dollar savings maybe it makes sense. Hard to see why it is a EcoGeek story through.
Hope others consider this system
written by Rich, May 06, 2011
If one company saves 50,000 gallons of levitra online shop uk heating oil a year, they have my vote! Good on them.

True, it may not be a huge GHG saving compared to flights but hopefully other people and businesses will read about this system. It's all about education, and I see that as an important way to reduce flight numbers and improve aircraft efficiency and so on ....
Why is it news?
written by Visual Carbon, May 09, 2011
I agree that it is a good thing that a company does something to reduce their climate footprint.

What I don't understand is why it is "news" when a company does so much less than what is needed. The climate science is clear that we need to cut climate pollution about 2% per year for the next 40 years. And the project highlighted here doesn't seem to get anywhere close to even a single year 2% cut in GHG for an airport.

It is a "dog bites man" story in which yet another company does less than is required to generic levitra mastercard cut climate pollution. If it is going to be covered it would at least be helpful to readers to highlight this "geeky" but base level point.
Under a parking lot?
written by Foraker, May 25, 2011
A parking lot seems like a bad place to put a cooling system. They should consider covering the pavement with solar panels, which also could shade and keep snow off the mexican viagra cars.

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