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MAY 12

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Cell Phones Could Be Talk-Powered

How cool would it be if your cell phone could gain all the power it needed to levitra from canadian pharmacy fuel your conversations by the actual sound of those conversations?  Scientists at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea think they've developed the technology that could soon have that very application.

The technology produces energy from the vibrations caused by sounds.  The prototype consists of tiny zinc oxide wires sandwiched between two electrodes.  A sound pad on top vibrates when hit by sound waves which causes the zinc oxide strands to compress and mail order levitra release.  That generates an electrical current that charges the battery.

Currently, the prototype has only been able to convert sound at high decibel levels like loud traffic to generate about 50 millivolts of electricity, but the scientists are hoping that changing the material the wires are made of will allow more energy to be produced from lower sound levels.

via The Telegraph

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completely impossible
written by jesse lackey, May 12, 2011
As comments on the The Telegraph clearly point out, there is an orders of magnitude gap between even theoretical energy harvesting of sound waves vs. what a cell phone, even one with highly efficient RF transmission, would require. Please do 2 minutes of homework before reposting nonsense that some scientists somewhere may or may not have said (i.e. facts lost in translation by non tech journalists) to get attention.
Don't do that
written by Feniks, May 12, 2011
My wife phone could explode! smilies/cheesy.gif
Articles like this is tramadol saturday cod delivery why Ecogeek is a joke
written by Mike, May 13, 2011
Can I respectfully suggest to the Ecogeek staff that they should brush up on their higher scientific eduction?
written by seth, May 13, 2011
Seriously? I can't believe this cleared the hurdles into the news category. Power from sound, yes that's exactly how a microphone works... not really a technological breakthrough. On top of that 100db for 50mV? 100db is like the noise made by your lawnmower or chainsaw and for that they generated an insignificant and useless amount of power.
written by Mariana, May 13, 2011
Hahahaha!!! Of course it can be energy saving but I guess that some of these devices might just explode. Some people seem to i need viagra now have their cellphone attached to their bodies.
Interesting Concept But
written by LondonHomes, May 15, 2011
As I said an interesting concept I had expected when I started to read the story that they would be further along in the development. I think that ideas of generating power based upon walking & other movement are probably far more viable.
Other Applications to idea
written by Allister, May 16, 2011
This technology should be implemented in nightclubs
magical thinking & sustainability
written by Daniela, May 16, 2011
It does seem a bit like magical thinking that cell phones could actually be powered by talking, but that attitude of looking for energy in our normal daily processes is a really good point of view to be looking at sustainable technology from.
I used sound powered phones 30 years ago
written by CNCMike, May 18, 2011
The main phone system on all Navy ships is sound powered and they work very well. Granted they are hard wired phones but even a normal speaking volume generates more than enough power to transmit to a nearby tower.
Go Green
written by Zed, May 18, 2011
This could be one of the most power saving inventions where one could talk and re power the cell phone again. This would one the amazing step toward going green.

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