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MAY 18

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Georgia School Bus Gets Hydraulic Makeover

A group of Georgia Tech students are converting a school bus into a hydraulic hybrid, a technology that works best with large vehicles used in stop-and-go driving conditions, like delivery trucks and, of course, buses.

The hydraulic hybrid bus uses a diesel engine to power a pump that charges an accumulator.  When the bus  is accelerating, the accumulator then powers the hydraulic motors with built-up pressure, but when it's braking, the pump motors reverse and best levitra price recapture that energy.  UPS introduced delivery trucks with this technology just a few years ago, but what makes this school bus stand out is that it will also run on recycled biodiesel from used cooking oil.

The converted bus, destined for Atlanta's Mary Lin Elementary School, will result in a 20 percent fuel savings over a traditional bus.  The team estimates the best price generic levitra cost of one conversion at $20,000, but if an entire fleet were converted, the cost would go down to more like $8,000 - $10,000 per bus.  With the steady rise of diesel prices, the return on investment could be as little as five years.

This particular project was funded through a $50,000 grant from Ford to ordering viagra online prove the cost and energy saving benefits of this technology to public schools.

via Wired Autopia
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Where is the manufacture?
written by Matt, May 19, 2011
While it is nice to see a conversion job, where are the manufactures?

Ok, so for how long have we know that buses, delivery trucks, and mail trucks are all stop and go driving and therefore an easy option to be hybrid based to recapture all the stop energy.

Why are they not the common form that is the best place buy cialis on line for sale and the pure diesel option you have to custom order.

Starts me thinking that maybe there should be a $1-$2 dollar diesel/gas tax and that money should be used to buy levitra without prescription convert exist/buy new school bus and mail trucks. Do you really have to bang people in the head to get them to change old habits.
Maybe not cost effective but good ROI on pollution
written by John Spade, May 19, 2011
School buses seem like some of the worst for particulate matter pollution so this is a great place to start. Of course, if my county would use vans for some routes instead of a bus with 3 people on it, that might be even better.
Hyprid Buses
written by Paul Stangl, May 20, 2011
In Europe you can buy Hybrid Buses from Volvo. In Graz one of these Buses is field tested.
Also in Graz nearly all Buses use recycled biodiesel from used cooking oil (they would use it on order viagra online all buses but there isn't enough cooking oil based diesel on the market).
Georgia School Bus Gets Hydraulic Makeover
written by Eugene, May 21, 2011
It's a good start. I'm glad to see that students took great part in this. If the technology is possible, then why isnt it being implemented widespread?? Nonetheless, I'm always happy to see the use of alternative fuels.
Sick! School busses with hydraulics..
written by Martin, May 23, 2011
Off the chain yo! School busses bumping through your hood!
A better idea
written by Monk, May 23, 2011
Why not equip each seat in the bus with a set of we use it buy levitra online us pedals and viagra tablets route the power from a busload of children to augment the soft tab viagra power produced by the bus engine?

Most American children are obese and/or unfit, so this technology would in one fell swoop improve health and fitness and save energy.
It's a great start but. . .
written by Poly Endrasik, May 26, 2011
I applaud these students for their efforts and believe it is a great start! Maybe next will be the engineering design students can join in to look at a synergistic approach to school bus design and content.

Do they really need to be that big / tall?

Do the seats have to be as big and heavy as they have been since the beginning of the Triassic period?

What about utilizing the engine to generate hydraulic pressure while it idles waiting for students to get on board too?

Hmmm, you would think with that huge flat roof there might be some space for solar panels to power electronics and/or another source for hydraulic pumping.

Rather than carrying separate hydraulic fluid, could you use the bio-diesel as the pressurized fluid? Maybe for the viagra from mexico brakes and engine lubrication too?

How big of an engine (HP) do you really now need to have since you are using hydraulic pressure acceleration (most vehicle need the HP to accelerate not for steady state driving)?

Would a small steady state turbine be more efficient?

Then there is how to reclaim / utilize heat lost through cooling / exhaust systems.

There are a few starters to think about for the next bus. A total "clean sheet" strategic synergistic approach!

But like I stated earlier, this was a great first step!

Good luck and have a blessed day. =];-)
written by Nick Gencarelle, May 26, 2011
We at Electric Truck LLC have a regenerative shock absorber that will constantly add electricity to order viagra online hybrid vehicles. Our shocks will return between 3-9 percent fuel savings on large vehicles. We still are having a hard time reaching the industry and getting the financing and attention deserved. Hopefully these types of devices get to more than just a few test vehicles. The hydraulic accumulators have been tested for years now-why are they not mainstream?

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