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NOV 17

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""I hope Apple starts doing this on the iPods" Lets see if Apple will h..."

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Solar Powered Cell Phone


Untested Prototype Alert! We get skeptical around solar powered portable gadgets. The sad fact is, most gadgets spend their days in bags and cialis one a day pockets and, if they're portable, they rarely have enough surface area to create a significant amount of charge. But, as panels get more efficient, and gadgets get less power-hungry, it might, someday, be a possibility.

So we're bringing you this tiny prototype phone from Docomo. It's billed as a 'hybrid' solar phone which, I think we can assume, means that it's mostly reliant on being plugged into the soft tab cialis wall. But that the solar panel might give you the extra two minutes of buy levitra discount talking time you need if you're in a jam. On the whole, the prototype is very cool, with a fairly large color LCD and an unheard of form factor, but I think we're gonna have to wait for viable, self-contained solar power in a phone.
Via Treehugger and T3 
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written by Jack Meyhoff, November 19, 2006
Great idea, bring back solar power calculator tech to click here viagra price the iPod's, laptops and all mobile devices that way we dont need to carry around bulky chargers on our bat belts :)

I hope Apple starts doing this on the iPods, iPhone and mac books.
written by Wulf, November 24, 2006
"Unheard of form factor"? That's the closest thing to a GBA SP without actually being a GBA SP that I've ever seen… Lol.
written by tim, December 05, 2006
o my god wut the heck this is funy :D i wunt 1 ples lmao
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I don't care what anyone else says. I like it. It could buy me a few minutes for my cell phone.
I hope Apple starts doing this on the iP
written by Lee Wong Seoul, July 22, 2007
"I hope Apple starts doing this on the iPods"
Lets see if Apple will handle regular phone. They already found bunch of bugs..


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