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JUN 02

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"If the composite gets stiffer, does that mean it would be more able to..."

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Nanocomposite Material Is Strengthened by Repeated Stress

A new nanocomposite material discovered by researchers at Rice University has the intriguing property of getting stronger from repeated stress. The material is made from verticaly aligned nanotubes combined with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), an inert, rubbery polymer. After repeated compression (3.5 million cycles over a period of about a week), the material was found to be 12 percent stiffer than its original state.

Commercial possibilities for the material may not be immediately evident, but the research is intriguing. If the properties in this material can be understood, there may be applications for larger scale uses, such as for construction. Products that are subject to vibrational stresses may also be aided by materials like this which improve in stiffness over time.


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does stiffness necessarily mean strength?
written by mel, June 03, 2011
If the composite gets stiffer, does that mean it would be more able to buy cialis soft tabs manage stress like vibration, or less? does it become brittle, or does the molecular structure become more resistant to cleavage? I'd like to learn more about the properties, are these things they know or subject for further investigation?

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