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JUN 02

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"I wish everyone would wise up and get on the ball like this... ..."

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Southern Oregon Getting EV Quick-Chargers in First Phase of viagra alternative uk "Green Highway"

As part of the Green Highway project where California, Oregon and Washington are partnering to turn Interstate 5 into the first alternative-fuel-friendly freeway in the U.S., AeroVironment is installing Level 3 EV quick chargers along the route in Southern Oregon.

For this first phase of the project, from the California state line to the Willamette Valley, 150 miles of the highway will have convenient access to EV chargers that can fully charge a battery in 30 minutes.  Eight interchanges will be picked based on cialis profesional common destinations, vehicle range and driving distances.  The chargers will be installed by the end of the fall.

The Green Highway will ultimately run from San Diego to similar cialis Vancouver, B.C. and will feature not only EV charging and battery swap stations, but alternative fuel filling stations for biodiesel, compressed natural gas and hydrogen.  The project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

via Engadget
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written by Marcela, June 03, 2011
This is definitely an awesome piece of news. It will encourage other states to do the same.
West Coast Rocks
written by Bill, June 03, 2011
As usual, the west coast is awesome. Or is it the left coast?
solar water
written by solar water, June 04, 2011
Its a great news that green technology manufacturers are increasing these days. The future will be cleaner and greener with this.
written by Corina|Electric car, June 07, 2011
It looks like this is spredding! I read that EV Quick-Chargers are going to be installed in many other cities around the world! Great news indeed.
The West Coast
written by JP, June 08, 2011
The West Coast....3 hours behind; but 20 years ahead!!
I wish...
written by Stephani D, June 16, 2011
I wish everyone would wise up and get on the ball like this...

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