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JUN 08

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"The liquids used in flow batteries aren't toxic and canadian non perscription viagra combustible like g..."

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Liquid Fuel for Electric Vehicles

An advance in the technology for flow batteries may lead to systems for electric vehicles (EVs) that allow them to be refueled with liquid, much like conventional combustion vehicles do now. MIT researchers have developed a semi-solid flow cell which offers 10 times the performance of liquid chemical flow batteries.

Flow batteries are similar to cialis philippines fuel cells but they differ in that the reaction in flow batteries is much more readily reversible. Flow batteries have been used for large-scale energy storage and grid load balancing applications, but until now, they have not had the energy density to make them competitive for use with EVs.

Since the electrolytes for flow batteries are kept on-board the buy ultram overnight vehicle, rather than being consumed and exhausted like more conventional liquid fuels, the process of refueling the vehicle would also include emptying and collecting the old electrolyte for reprocessing. It would likely take longer than refueling with a combustion fuel, but could be faster than even quick-charge electrical chargers.

Because much of the electrolyte material is kept in separate storage, flow batteries are not susceptible to self-discharge that conventional batteries are. Flow batteries may also offer a better way of extending the current range limits of electric vehicles. The size and cost of a battery system could be half that of what is levitra professional current EV battery systems.

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written by Carl, June 08, 2011
I like the promise of this battery technology. With continued development, it sounds like a solution.smilies/smiley.gif
written by Cypruz, June 09, 2011
This is great news the world needs more of this type of stuff!!
Electrolyte storage safety, Low-rated comment [Show]
Is this another Oil?
written by Mercurydan, June 16, 2011
Are they creating a new "OIL", something we need to run our cars that they can limit and charge exorbitant fees. What is in this toxic broth of liquid fuel? Is it readily available or do we have to have more open cut mines? What happens to the viagra to order old electrolyte the we are emptying for reprocessing? Will it just be discarded cause we dont know what to levitra online in canada do with it? Is this a way people can just continuously make money from the little guy at the expense of the environment?
Flow battery liquids
written by VoiceOfReason, June 16, 2011
The liquids used in flow batteries aren't toxic and combustible like gasoline.
The concept is follow link online viagra prescriptions pretty much like this: Each of the 2 liquids holds a different state of viagra without prescription electrical charge, and as they're each 'FLOWed' through the 'battery', they release some of that difference as electricity. The rate of flow and the size of the 'battery' determine how much power is available at a given time, the amount of fluid determines for how long power is available.
When they've given up their charge differential, the liquids would be exchanged for 'fresh' charged fluids, or the fluids could be run through a charging machine, both processes would take less time than charging a lithium-ion battery. There's nothing inherently volatile or dangerous about this process.

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