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JUN 09

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"0 EV models being sold times 3 is 0.. lol..."

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Ford Tripling Its EV Production

Ford Motor Company is going to increase the number of electrified vehicles it builds to viagra prescription medication more than 100,000 units annually in 2013; three times the current level of production.

Ford will be producing five different EVs in 2013, including the Transit Connect Electric van, the Focus Electric - which begins reaching customers later this year, plus the two new C-MAX vehicles (C-MAX Hybrid and canada's 1 pharmacy C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid), and a fifth, as-yet unnamed hybrid.

While this is still only a small part of Ford's total production (Ford produced 1.9 million vehicles in 2010), it is becoming more than a fraction of a percent of the company's effort. If Ford built the same number of vehicles overall in 2013, it would mean that more than 5% of its production would be electrified vehicles.

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written by Bill Saltonstall, June 16, 2011
smilies/cry.gif The Hybrid models of the C-MAX have a lower roof and less interior room than the car shown in this picture
written by neptronix, July 07, 2011
0 EV models being sold times 3 is 0.. lol

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