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JUN 09

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"If the government were to take the $4 billion it gives to big oil and wow)) lowest cialis price ..."

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China Plans to Double Solar Capacity Target for 2015

It seems like China's ambitious renewable energy goals just keep getting bigger.  The country is planning on doubling its solar energy target for 2015 from 5 GW to 10 GW, according to just try! high quality cialis a new draft proposal that has been submitted to the State Council for approval.  If this plan is approved, it looks like the express viagra delivery country's 2020 target will more than double from 20 GW to 50 GW.

The main reason for this jump in solar energy goals is the falling cost of solar power recently.  According to research by the Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center, the cost of solar energy production has been dropping from 10 to 20 percent each year, with the predicted cost in 2015 to be equal to the current electicity fees in China.

That makes solar energy production even more attractive to the country which is facing power shortages.

via Cleantechnica
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What about China's emissions?
written by Jean, June 11, 2011
China is still a developing country. Its perennial need for more energy, fueled by the country's consumerism, requires coal--and lots of it. While it's great that China has been increasing the use of tramadol overnight daily alternative energy, but China has to substantially decrease its usage of coal before it can make a difference.
Same solar array image that was used before and before
written by Carol, June 11, 2011
Why use the very same solar array image for different stories? It is easy to i recommend best price generic cialis tell it is the same image with Tineye.
written by Marie, June 12, 2011
Well this is click here female herbal levitra interesting: "The main reason for this jump in solar energy goals is the falling cost of solar power recently." I wonder why the rest of the world is not promoting the falling costs of solar. If more people around the world knew that it is getting cheaper the more people who could look forward to actually getting solar energy for themselves.
written by FX, June 13, 2011
Meanwhile, because of shortsighted and ignorant politicians in the US, our nation will continue to fall further and further behind!
written by Sarah, June 13, 2011
For months now, people have been talking about how foreign governments been supporting alternative energy sector and renewable energy sector. The value creation with government subsidies and investment in these sectors far outweigh the cost for the subsidies. Job creation and potential innovation will allow Americans to reduce energy cost allowing American families to save for college and or other expenses. For those who think energy cost will ever come down, it’s not going to happen. Drill baby drill!!! I hear this all the time and we’ve subsidize oil companies to do this but no one really talks about the lack there of new discoveries. Don’t get me wrong, we do occasionally find one but the money spent for the discovery could’ve been spent on generic viagra online fast delivery new technologies to best levitra help develop a new alternative.

The federal government should play a vital role in energy production for several reasons including national security. Hopefully the American people will continue to support the leaders that will support alternative energy policy. Empower yourself to make the right energy decision, five minutes reading or researching the possibilities will provide information about the feasibility of alternative energy in your particular situation. Sites like Instructables provide research material for alternative energy usage. For example, or

Let’s not lose our competitive advantage in this global economy! Go USA!
Solar Costs
written by Paradigm Partners, June 14, 2011
In response to Marie-

The company I work for, Paradigm Partners, specializes in numerous forms of renewable energy roofing. A recent partnership with a solar paneling company, Lumeta Solar, has provided us with extensive information regarding the levitra pharmacy in india cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining solar PV products. What I feel is one of the main reasons why solar has gotten the stereotype of being an expensive form of renewable energy is because of the high costs of traditional solar products. The company that Paradigm works with, Lumeta, has a product with installation costs 50% less than traditional solar panels. If more people knew that their costs could be reduced simply if they researched more about alternative solar options, I'm sure that solar would have a much more positive, less expensive reputation.
written by FX, June 15, 2011
If the government were to take the $4 billion it gives to big oil and the $6 billion it gives to ethanol producers and purchase a "standard" solar package for a modest 3/2 house they would be able to cover some 400,000 houses per year.

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