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NOV 17

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Solar Panels on Your House, Absolutely Free.


Yup, that's right, there's a company in Colorado that will put solar panels on your house at absolutely no cost. Of course, those solar panels will be their's not yours. If you sign up for their 25 year plan, you don't even have to put down a security deposit!

The deal, then, is that you get to use the fast delivery canada cialis green power from your solar panels, but you have to pay the company, Citizenre, for it. The good news is that you only have to pay the average cost of energy the year they install the panels. So, basically, it costs you nothing, you pay the same amount for the energy as you paid for the dirty energy from the coal plant, and you're sheltered from price increases.
Citizenre gets several strange things out of the deal. First, they're starting up their own manufacturing plant to we like it cialis online canada create the canadian drugs viagra panels they'll be installing. The plant gets tax credits that Citizenre won't need, and it will be selling those credits off. They also will be making money of subsidies provided for solar manufacturers and, in the end, intend to make more off each solar panel than they put into creating and buy cialis from canada maintaining it.

We truly are approaching cost-effectiveness for Solar. And since it's a hassle to find big plots of land for giant solar farms, leasing out rooftops is a logical step.

It's a strange plan, and one that will only work in sunny places with good solar subsidies. Citizenre, for example, doesn't work outside of Colorado, so most of recommended site how much does levitra cost us will have to wait on this one.
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written by ada, November 19, 2006
There is no such word as "their's."
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 19, 2006
Basically the solar panels are enabling their service which you do pay for.

This is nothing different form an internet providor giving you a modem to use their service, or a telephone company giving you a telephone to use their telephony service.

Still, it is good news, are energy companies regulated so they cannot raise the prices so much after "locking" you into a contract?

written by bottleman, November 19, 2006
Here's a key question: do the systems include some local storage of power, or are they "intertie-only"?

If it's the latter, then it's not much different for the environment than buying green power from the power company which is fine, great even -- I do it myself. My suggestion is this -- with or without the lowest viagra prices from us pharmacy price guarantee, there's no particular reason these panels need to be on somebody's personal residence. I dunno -- is finding space for commercial solar installations really that hard? I'm guessing that most personal residences will probably be less than ideal for power production (because of trees, etc).

If some local storage is provided, then having panels on the house serves some function of providing the residence some freedom from the grid. But if there's no local storage, putting the panels on the house is partly a SHOW unrelated to very good site prescription viagra producing sustainable power efficiently. It's hey everybody, look at me!
comment to bottleman
written by arm1925, November 20, 2006
It's actually pretty smart. Think about it. Sure they have lots of commercial space to go after. But then they have to pay for leasing the land, and if they're selling to the utility, then it's wholesale. But let's say they're selling to a business. Aren't commercial rates cheaper than residential rates? No matter how you look at it, at least someone finally got the rocks to do something about the lack of green in our grid.

By the way Hank, if you go to their site, it says that they offer this wherever net-metering is offered. I assume that means its intertied.
written by sean mazelli, December 04, 2006

Here is where you can join

Please join us in the effort to make as many people as possible aware of this chance to make PV something significant. One of the newest companies in the renewable energy market - The Corporation - is offering Solar Power to all homes within net-metering territories at virtually no cost to the home owners. The Program, called REnU - which stands for Residential Energy Unit - represents the most forward-thinking initiative toward energy independence and preservation of the environment, to this day.

For more information, please visit or call 866-299-4562

Simply put, The Corporation will pay for, install, own and operate the solar systems. Home owners are completely relieved from the hassle of obtaining permits, waiting for incentive rebates, dealing with engineering, financing or any other concern typically related to the adoption of a solar system.

All the home owners are required to do is to pay a rental fee for the solar electricity generated by the solar panels and, since the solar panels are engineered to meet your exact needs - based on your historical usage - your new electrical bill will be equal or lower to generic viagra your current bill.

What is even more appealing is that, with the REnU program, home owners have the ability to fix their electrical rates for up 25 years gaining an incredible advantage against increasing utility rates. How is that possible? The fuel supply for solar panels - sunlight - is free, renewable and unlimited, and the solar panels have a life expectancy of over 25 years. All you get is clean, green, ever-present power - day after day.

As if that were not enough, also takes on the responsibility of monitoring the buy cialis next day delivery performance of your RENU and ensuring that it is performing at its optimum capability. This value-added service is offered at no cost to the home owners and is already paid for by your rental fee. The REnU program is made possible by "net metering" laws". Under net metering laws - present in most states - home owners have the right to generate power at their homes and receive the full retail value for the excess generated from their current utility company. If you are passionate and serious about preserving the environment and viagra buying want to contribute to cleaner, green energy independence, REnU program is what you have been looking for.

call now we are also hiring sales associates
The Convenient Solution: Solar afforda
written by Steve, January 09, 2007
Yes, Citizenre has a fantastic solar program.
The customer does not have to pay anything upfront and they get the system installed, all the permitting is done by the company, no hassles. If you put solar on your roof and pay upfront or finance it and new technology comes along (which it will) you are out, but with this installation, the company owns the system, you just rent it. Check it out. They are
building the largest solar panel manufacturing
plant in the US to put on 100,000 installs first year.
Become a customer - Go to:

Plus they are looking for people who want to be
direct sellers.
Nothing to buy...........ever!
No fees or anything to pay.
Sellers get commissions on installations and a
whopping 4-6% of the electric bill for 25 years as a residual. Any questions?
Become a seller -
Go to:
Big picture
written by mnhaase, March 26, 2007
I have read the brochure here in Colorado. The wording in it troubles me. True, I have not read the contract. But phrasing of try it viagra online no prescription the form "pay for the power you generate" is interesting as I would think you would pay for the power you use.

After thinking about this a bit I concluded that the how much cialis financial model might be that instead of buying electricty from the local provider, you instead buy from ReNU. They charge you for the electricity you use at the contract rate. They also take all the electriciy you generate and sell it to cialis online without prescription the local provider at the prevailing rate. They are betting that the price of bought electricity will rise. They are betting that they will, over time, make money on the difference between the your individual contract rate and the prevailing rate.

Now, since I am watching the peak oil discussion very closely, it is clear to me that the cost of heating homes is going to rise. At some point it may seem attractive to use electricity to heat homes either because its more available than natural gas or oil or cheaper (maybe micorwave boilers?). That would mean that, at least on an individual basis, that the use of electriciy would rise over time as more heat was derived from electricity. If the electrical demand for heating exceeded the total electrical supply from ReNU solar, then the business model would break down because ReNU would have to buy fossil fuel generated electricty at the prevailing price and begin to loose money.

So, it seems to me that the solar installations have to be big enuf from the get-go to accomodate additional personal electrical usage.
I think you missed the point...
written by Jeff, March 27, 2007
Regarding Mnhaase's comments; CitizenRe is not a utility provider. Net metering allows them to supply a portion of you electricity. If your system overproduces the customer loses. Your utility provider will only pay wholesale for electricity that you add to the network, while you pay CitizenRe retail for the same electricity. Systems will be designed to produce less than your overall need to protect the customer. If you can afford your own equipment and deal with the maintenence of such system, go ahead. If you would like to be protected from the maintenance of how do u buy propecia in canada a system, the overall cost, or changes in the market place (i.e. fusion) than CitizenRe provides a great way to make a difference. This is not the same thing as paying your local utility provider for Wind Power - the utility controls the cost (you have no way to lock it down). Lastly, these systems are available throughout most of the U.S. as long as net-metering laws are in place - so Colorado is not the only place you can sign up. This is a revolutionary approach - one that is long overdue. Visit and start to make a difference. Just think if we as a country were able to achieve energy independence!
written by bob, April 20, 2007
Dear Sir/Madam,
give me prices of
deal in the electronics, as follows.

marine engine
Solar panel, and generators both diesel and petro

soon as possible.
Looking forward to hearing from you, at the very
Thanks and regards
Bob Mike Kityo
written by bob, April 23, 2007
give prices of Solar panel,
soon as possible.
> Looking forward to hearing from you, at the very
> earlioest.
> Thanks and regards
> Bob Mike Kityo
Sr. Sales Manager-Independent Ecopreneur
written by Michael Thomas, June 14, 2007
This Web Site is in Violation of Citizere advertising rules.
1. Citizenre name is NOT to be advertised.
2. The solar system is NOT free.
3. There IS a cost to customer.
4.There IS a deposit ($500-$1000).
There are so many mis-leading statements I will have to report to Citizenre.
5.The system will work in ANY net metering State.
6.The house (image) violates copyright law.
It's All True
written by Truepoint, June 30, 2007
The violation of the Citizenre advertising policy is true. But let's clarify a few facts.

The Citizenre solution is available throughout the continental U.S., not just Colorado.

I don't know if Citizenre plans to sell excess electricity to utilities since the legal framework to do so is shaky at best right now. Also, systems are sized to work with the average annual electrical consumption of the customer which doesn't leave any excess for sale to the utility.

Some Citizenre Ecopreneurs have chosen to blatantly promote their sales channel - not cool.

If you want to know the price, it's simple. Whatever you pay on average per month to your utility is what you will pay Citizenre - for 25 years if you chose to sign the 25 year contract. While everyone else is experiencing annual electric rate increases, (I can guarantee this with a certain degree of certainty), yours will be held to your contracted rate. The interest bearing refundable deposit will be between $500-$1500. For any more details, contact your local area Ecopreneur.

HTH, Truepoint
written by Ed, November 17, 2007
Most of the comments missed a few important parts of buy cialis from mexico this. If you buy a solar system, you have tens of thousands in up front costs, and you have to deal with getting all the rebates yourself.

Now, federal rebates limit residential solar to a maximum of $2000 or $2500, but businesses get 30% of whatever amount of solar is installed. But the 30% is most likely the wholesale cost, not retail. I assume that the money they save from this is where they make the profit.

I think this would be a great idea for people who cannot come up with the cash to install a system, but would like the chance to save money on their bill, or would like to do something green. Either way, they can now.
written by roy jenkins, January 17, 2008
im intertesed in solar panels for homes,can you tell me where i can find them and the cost. thank you
not worth it
written by merl, February 13, 2008
everything is over priced in canada.You have to spend $50,000.00 just to save $5,000.00 after all is said & done you must pay $6,000.00 in taxes. better off paying the bigboys as per norm
More info
written by Diane, April 26, 2008
I live in the northeast and am looking to build a new home using as much Earth friendly materials as possible. Looking for more info on solar panels and cialis cheap where to go in my area. Any ideas?
Help I need to understand solar power ho
written by Steve Collins, May 23, 2008
I am looking at a house that has solar power,it has about 5 panels on the roof and from the looks of the utilities (all electric, except gas to light the fireplace) with heat pump, appear to be a little more than half of the normal monthly bill. I know very little about it please help.
solar panels
written by anonymous, June 18, 2008
fuk u u bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
yous can eat grass arse!!!
written by anonymous, July 09, 2008
So in other words, since you are "RENTING" the system then it isn't FREE!!!......DUH
Where's the common sense?
written by one800, September 12, 2008
Why would I give some company the right to install equipment on and practically own my rooftop. And still have to pay a "rental" fee that "might" be the canadian pharmavy generic viagra same or equal to what I'm already paying the electric company? GTFOH!!!

What you're doing here is changing the name and local-law regulated status of your electric company. CitizenRe will be able to charge you whatever they wish and you better believe that they'll put as many panels on that roof as they can get away with. (They're selling off credits rights? So the logic is to produce as much power as possible, which in effect increases credits.)

A = Your usage
B = Power Generated
C = Credits

B - A = C

So if you believe that you're protected from rate and fee increases for the next 25 years, then go dunk your head in the toilette; because obviously you like the taste of viagra online best prices BS.

I'll take the hit up front - pay for my own panels, have them installed, and realize my own ROI - and retain all rights of ownership.

Another thing... this sounds like another way for somebody to be able to put a lien on your house. And who needs/wants that?

Lastly, how many of these "run-out-and-get-it" comments were written by salesman?
mech engineer
written by jonnyUtaw, November 05, 2008
Has anyone thought of the Transmission losses that will be saved. This company is like a power company. It's a power plant right at your house. Less cost for transmitting power over long distances. And the extra power goes to the grid. Making for a reliabe power infastructure.
Install your own.
written by james, November 20, 2008
The high initial cost of Installing solar panels (~$40K) opens the door for these guys to put their power plant on your roof.

Do you lease your car, or rent your home? It definitely works for some people.

As for me, I would want to avoid these "free" panels. I would pay the (high) initial cost, to be independent. I would prefer to put my own power plant on my own roof.

It is interesting that the problems faced by alternative energy seem to be more about business models than engineering.

written by mike zani, January 07, 2009
If i had a dalmation on my roof named pokey could she attract solar winds?
written by mike, September 30, 2009
Jeff Wolfe Said,February 25th, 2007 @1:35 pm CitizenRe currently has no systems installed. They publicly state that they will not install any until September 2007 (date may have changed in the last few days). However, they also do not have a manufacturing plant (no date for ground breaking either), they have actually not raised the $650 million of capital they refer to, and their projected numbers of systems to be installed versus projected manufacturing capacity do not add up.

In short, there are a lot of promises, some conflicting, and no proof. CitizenRe has publicly been asked a series of just try! generic viagra from china not-too-difficult questions about their business. The replies to-date do not confirm a valid business. As the old saying goes, if it looks to good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

CitizenRe does an enormous disservice to the solar industry by promising what they apparently cannot deliver. The solar industry, just growing in many other states, needs customers. By diverting these potential customers to a product that probably cannot be delivered, CitizenRe is setting the entire industry back, as well as our goals for a clean and sustainable future.

More detailed information is available on http://www.renewableenergyacce...y?id=47419 and http://www.renewableenergyacce...t?id=47452
sounds like a rip off
written by jimmy pop, October 27, 2009
no one ever thought to ask one very important this company installing a grid tie-in system or a full system complete with batteries racks.

if they are installing a regular system then the extra electricity generated would prolly be measured from the meter on the house, i don't see how they could take the money when it would have to be a check written to the owner of the house whose property is generating the electricity........

If it is just a simple grid tie in system for the solar then no one has yet pointed out that it would only be making electricity during the you get to buy it off the power company at night same as everyone else, so unless you spend your days at home and have nothing better to do you wouldn't even benefit from the solar panels generating unless you count the electricity you are getting paid for from the power company
written by Digital Scales, February 02, 2010
I lived in Colorado for four years and never heard of this! I wish I had, it seems like a great deal. I would really like to have the solar panels on my house but they are too expensive to buy on my own-- this is a great way for people to do it.
written by Sensible.., May 20, 2010
Beyond the sales pitch I’ve read all the sensible blogs on here.. I’ve been considering solar panels for my house and levitra online pharmacy usa reading this has made me reconsider my approach.. By installing an off-the-grid system at my own expense and doing the necessary work to obtain the tax credit which is available until 2012. Nothing in America is ever free.. Who wants a 25-year contract tied into a mortgage of a house you may or may not be living in? 25 years is along time to be in one place esp. if you’re a young homeowner. Furthermore, what happens to this contract? And how can anyone ensure the next purchasers of the house will buy into the same idea? If they don’t the homeowner is then faced with trying to buy them out of the contract, which in turn can be expensive with lawyer cost and possible litigation. Thanks Common Sense / One800 for your insight, there is so much on the World Wide Web today that sucker people into ideas that really are to good to be true..

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