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JUN 16

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"its all about being more efficient... not the be all end all but anot..."

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First 20 MW Flywheel Plant Going Online

Next month, New York State will have a completed 20 megawatt flywheel energy storage system connected to its electrical grid to provide frequency regulation and cialis australia no prescription help maintain the stability of the electrical grid.

The system is already up and running at 90% capacity, and the buy ultram uk installation of the remaining units to bring it to full capacity is expected to be completed later this month.

We've been following developments, particularly with this project as it has progressed, and we will continue to cialis next day delivery be interested in seeing how this first large-scale installation performs.

Flywheel energy storage is not so much a battery as it is a compensating mechanism to balance the load on the grid as power plants come on-line or go off-line. Electrical demand varies over the course of a day, and sometimes can rise (or fall) more quickly than power plants are able to respond. Grid storage systems such as this can help ease those transitions, rather than relying on peak power plants running on natural gas or other carbon emitting fuels.

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written by Bill Howe, June 23, 2011
its all about being more efficient... not the be all end all but another solid start in our march towards reducing our reliance on... black tar heroin... oil.

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