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JUN 21

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"To all those that resist AGW, common sense abounds in all the financia..."

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Virgin America Switching to More Fuel Efficient LEAP Engines

Virgin America has recently announced that they will be switching to is ultram legal to buy online a new, more fuel efficient engine that will save $1.6 million in fuel costs per plane per year.

Virgin will use the buy viagra uk so-called LEAP engines, which were designed by CFM International, Snecma and GE, in 30 new airbuses and in 30 existing A320s.  The engine will cut fuel use and carbon emissions by 15 percent, while reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent.  For those worried about noise pollution as well, the new engines will reduce noise by 15 decibels -- a significant difference.

The airline plans to switch even more planes to LEAP engines soon.

via Inhabitat
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This is the realistic green, reduced consumption and ROI
written by John Spade, June 22, 2011
Reduced consumption will always trump more power generation of any sort as they all have side effects in production of equipment or use.
Low Hanging Fruit
written by Renewable Guy, June 22, 2011
To all those that resist AGW, common sense abounds in all the financial savings from reducing energy costs.

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