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Texas Law Requires TV Manufacturers to Offer Free Recycling

The Texas state legislature has passed a bill that will require television manufacturers who sell TVs in the state to offer free recycling programs to consumers.  Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law last week.

TVs both old and new, like other electronic waste, can leach heavy metals and other toxic materials into the natural viagra type alternatives ground when not disposed of usefull link cialis buycialis onlin properly, but this new law will make sure manufacturers have a better plan for them at the end of their lifecycle, and possibly even start making them with safer materials.

Advocates of the new recycling requirement at say "by making the producer responsible for their end of life products, there is a market-based incentive to canadian propecia start designing for reuse, recycling and with safer materials.”

The Consumer Electronics Association also backed the bill.

via Earth911

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rain harvest
written by First Flush Connections, June 22, 2011
That's great that Texas is now requiring TV manufacturers to offer free recycling. Hopefully people will take advantage of this.
written by Robert Halvarsson, June 24, 2011
Good initiative Texas!

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