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JUN 22

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"Neither do the scientific illiterates who write this tripe. They just ..."

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DOE Backs Installation of 733 MW of Solar Panels on Industrial Rooftops

The Department of Energy is providing backing for a $1.4 billion loan for Project Amp, a plan to install 733 megawatts of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on industrial buildings in 28 states and buy viagra tablet the District of Columbia. This is nearly equal to the entire amount of levitra info PV installed in the US in 2010. The project is expected to lead to the creation of one thousand new jobs and is expected to last for four years.

When complete, Project Amp is expected to produce up to best indian cialis one million megawatt hours annually. The power that is produced is not going to be used on site necessarily, but will instead be fed to the grid to add more solar power to the available production.

image: US Navy Photo

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What about the taste?
written by Weng Dong, June 24, 2011
Food cooked with solar energy electricity tastes different from the food cooked with electricity from proper power system.
written by Robert Halvarsson, June 24, 2011
Good, but I also (like most else who frequent this site) hope, that while adding more renewable energy that countries such as US would remove and close down coal power plants as well.
I do not undertand MW/H/Y
written by DemonioFlatline, June 24, 2011
Excuse my ignorance, but isn't "one million megawatt hours annually" a redundance? I would say one million megawatt annually, or 113.69 megawatt/hour (24*365*113.69=1M).

On the other hand, what does it mean "to install 733 megawatts of photovoltaic solar panels"? Is 733 MW a measure of the amount of energy generated per second? per hour? per week?

Congrats for the blog, I visit it everyday.

Greeting from sunny and renewable Spain.
@I do not undertand MW/H/Y
written by Steve, June 25, 2011
Neither do the scientific illiterates who write this tripe. They just pick the levitra soft tabs 100 mg biggest looking numbers.

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