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JUL 01

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"to Glissade: yes, Google will better develop their own cell phones to ..."

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Microsoft Hohm and cialis online 50mg Google PowerMeter Bite the Dust

Within a week of each other, Google and Microsoft both announced that they were pulling the plug on their home energy management services after only two years of them being active.

Last week, Google said that it was giving up on its PowerMeter online software that allowed people to track their home energy use and pinpoint ways make their home more efficient and end up with cheaper electricity bills.  The reason was that not enough people and utilities were signing up for the free service.

Microsoft has given the same reason for ending its Hohm service, a similar program that offered a sleeker interface and a greater depth of information regarding consumer's energy use patterns and the related costs.  Hohm was also free, but Microsoft had planned to how much does cialis cost make it into a paid service.

Home energy monitoring and dose levitra management is a necessary part of lowering our overall energy use and living more sustainably, but it's possible these programs were launched a little too soon.  When smart grid technology starts reaching more areas of the country and people start becoming more accustomed to using technology to tweak their energy use habits, these type of programs will be more popular, but it seems the interest just wasn't there yet.

via Earth2Tech

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Good Show
written by RwFlynn, July 04, 2011
Here's hoping they got some good usage data out of visit our site what is viagra this for future energy management programs. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Eric, July 05, 2011
Free market forces don't always deliver good outcomes. Blindly trusting in the market to deliver reform is a cargo cult.

This situation requires federal legislation in order to force change.
no promotion effort
written by Glissade, July 05, 2011
Seems like they did little to promote and market these services and did no lobbying for quicker adoption of smart grid technology that would use these products. It's not like Google and Microsoft can't influence these sorts of things. Quitters. smilies/cry.gif
Little promo, but possible future implications
written by Jacob Ballard, July 06, 2011
This is buy levitra no prescription required the first time I have heard of these services, I love the idea of them, but they should have been more widely publicized (just look at how much attention Google + is attaining). Google has been doing some great things in sustainability, and may take this project back up in the future.
written by John, November 07, 2011
to Glissade: yes, Google will better develop their own cell phones to ensure quick profits. For the last decade they only copy Apple and Microsoft products. Today, they decided to buy levitra in india kill Facebook and promote their own Google+ to sell even more ads and their own products.

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