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NOV 20

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"does anyone know what % of solar power calgary has?..."

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Solar Community in Calgary

solargarage A subdivision in Calgary is Canada's first solar neighborhood. The Drake Landing Solar Community is a newly built community of 52 homes. 90 percent of the community's power for heating and hot water is order cheap propecia expected to be provided from solar panels. 

The system uses a shared solar collector array that spans across the detached garages. Heat is collected and then stored in a community Energy Centre in short term storage thermal tanks, as well as in geothermal storage using boreholes. Common heating for the community is then provided by pipes running below ground from the Energy Centre to next day delivery cialis each home.

The homes in this community are also at least 30 percent more energy efficient than the levitra superactive average Canadian home, which helps make such a project feasible.

via: CBC News

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written by justsomedude, November 25, 2006
the community is located in Okotoks, AB, which is it's own community outside of Calgary, as opposed to being right in Calgary.

written by Celia, January 12, 2007
How pretty is this community? Does it have a home owner's association? Are the gardens organic? Are there more details about this community? Are there other similar communities?
I live there
written by Dana Pugh, January 30, 2007
This is a regular subdivision in a new development. There is a homeowner's group in the larger subdivision, but not on the two streets that are the solar community. That said, the sense of community you will find there is unsurpassed. Everyone knows each other(at least on the street that is finished) and there is lots of cialis shop talk about how we can further our attempts at 'green living'. Not everyone is there for the solar aspect, so there are people there of varying degrees of commitment towards the environment. Which I think is awesome. It means that the technology is assessible to a wider aray of individuals. Many of the homes plan to xeriscape including us(although the how much does cialis cost developer included sod with each house). Many of the owners included further upgrades such as dual flush toilets. Ours is a Mansbridge. I have a blog regarding my own families attempts to 'take it to next level'... if you are interested. Okotoks is a very forward thinking small town as they are looking ahead to buy viagra in england a limited water supply. Strange for Southern Alberta, I know, but not all of us are rednecks here :)
written by bola, March 15, 2007
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Solar power in calgary
written by art, February 05, 2008
does anyone know what % of solar power calgary has?

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