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AUG 15

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Iowa Now Gets 20% of Its Electricity from Wind

Iowa has hit a pretty big milestone in wind energy generation -- the state now gets 20 percent of its electricity from wind power.  That's the highest percentage for any state in the U.S. and about on par with wind heavy nations like Denmark.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported that the state hit the mark in the second quarter of the cheap cialis viagra year after a new 594 MW wind farm came online outside of Adair.  The even better news is that Des Moines utility company MidAmerican Energy has two more big projects like it on best price for viagra the way in 2011.

With 4,000 MW, Iowa is second in total installed wind power capacity after Texas, which has 9,000 MW.  The Lone Star state's much larger population means that capacity doesn't stack up the same percentage-wise though.

The great lesson from this is cheap cialis from canada that if Iowa can get to 20 percent wind power, any state can, and it looks like we're moving in that direction.  The AWEA reported that as of non prescription cialis the beginning of July, 7,354 MW of new wind power was under construction in the U.S.

via Treehugger

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written by Robert, August 15, 2011
I hate to disagree but your last statement that any state can reach 20% of their electricity being generated by wind is a logical fallacy. Wind farms are expensive to build (one of the reasons companies are able to afford it are the tax breaks they receive for building them, otherwise it isn't that cost effective). They also require vast tracts of open land outside of civilization, have you seen one up close? They're big, ugly, and there's a constant drone in the background that is annoying at best. Finally there are weather conditions which must be met in order for the wind generators to best levitra work, I'm betting that not all states can meet the conditions in large enough areas of land to be able to have enough wind farms.

Iowa is also around rank 30 when it comes to state population size, so it's easier to generate the energy requirements than for states with much larger populations.

I know you mean well by your supposed lesson, but the very good site purchasing cialis US will not hit 20% electricity generation via wind anytime soon, if ever, we're not really moving in that direction. It would make more sense to invest in other alternate forms of energy (which we are doing), and keep the wind farms in open empty places that don't have much going for them in terms of scenery or people.
Go Iowa!
written by Jon, August 16, 2011
While this won't work a lot of viagra website places, as the previous poster pointed out, it's great that a place that can succeed is moving forward with it.
Agree Robert
written by Todd klimson, August 16, 2011
I agree Robert. The expense is just too enormous. Yes it helps the environment but the cost to set these up is astronomical. I had an estimate to put solar cells on my house. The sales pitch was that it cut my electric bill trmendously. GREAT!! But it would cost me $400 a month for 15 years to cialis buying online finance it. Cmon. Same thing with these wind farms. Yes it saves energy but someone has to pay for the set-up and the best site levitra no doctor maintenance which far exceeds the savings.
written by Barb Walker, August 16, 2011
Robert is right. Also, wind farms are green washed not green. Environmental impact studies are not occuring and aren't being shared with the public. Wind turbines kill many bats and many birds, including Golden and Bald Eagles. They aren't an alternative to energy they are in addition to what infrastructure is visit our site levitra sale buy already there. Wind energy is also a heavily subsidized industry.
Not ugly at all
written by Mike, August 16, 2011
While I agree that wind power won't work in every state the characterization of wind farms as ugly and producing a "constant drone" are simply not true. They certainly produce less noise than a truck on an interstate and those criss cross our country, and many people think they're beautiful. Lots of things are heavily tax subsidized as well, oil for instance both by direct payments to oil companies, and the order generic cialis military cost necessary to bring about stability needed to ship it around the world.

There is one advantage that Iowa does have. Lately I've seen a collection of the biggest windbags ever in Iowa. Maybe in the near future New Hampshire can have many wind turbines as well.
#1 Windbag initials are B.O.
written by LarsBogartimus, August 17, 2011
True on one windbag seen recently - initials B.O.
written by Timetrvlr, August 18, 2011
We need to get over the idea that there is a single mega-solution to our energy needs. Wind turbines are a great idea where there is lots of wind, especially in the High Plains states and off-shore. Certainly solar farms are the best solution in states where there is a lot of available sun such as the Southwestern states. Coastal states can look to lowest cost viagra ocean current and tidal generation. The point is, all of us are surrounded by some form of renewable energy. It's up to us to learn how to use it efficiently.smilies/smiley.gif

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