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AUG 25

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"Ford America off-road vehicles do not have a good reputation outside o..."

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Toyota and Ford Working Together on Hybrid SUV Drivetrain

Toyota and Ford are partnering together to build a new hybrid drivetrain for SUVs and light trucks.  The two automakers, who've both been developing hybrid drivetrains for cars and SUVs separately for years, are hoping to it's cool levitra usa make better advances in this particular sector by pooling their resources, both monetarily and technology-wise.

A statement from Toyota said the company wanted to work with Ford because of their leadership in producing SUVs and trucks and the high demand for those vehicles in America.  Basically, American love their trucks, so there should be better hybrid versions on the market.

The timeline for this duo's drivetrain has only been limited to sometime later this decade, but the pair will each use the drivetrain in their own vehicles, not in any collaborative vehicles.  Seeing as SUV and truck hybrids have been the levitra tablets least efficient hybrids produced so far, the sector needs some great improvements, so it's good to see automakers working together toward this goal.

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written by copro, August 26, 2011
Ford needs Toyota more than Toyota needs Ford. I think Toyota would see this an opportunity to take more market share from Ford. Ford are unable to design reliable vehicles so they need Toyota's skill.
Toyota needs Ford just as much
written by Pete, August 26, 2011
Toyota needs Ford just as much. They can't sell any trucks. Ford is the only good American auto maker that did not take any bail out money. Look at the Tundra sales versus F-150 sales for any time period. It is a joke. I own a Toyota and a Ford and like both vehicles.
Toyota needs Ford
written by Jim, August 26, 2011
Ford Rules over Toyota in the Truck market. Toyota Needs Ford To assist in Truck and SUV design and Ford may need some of Toyotas Drive Train technology but in the end Im glad there not building a vehicle together. I wouldnt buy it. Ford all the way ..............
written by copro, August 27, 2011
Ford America off-road vehicles do not have a good reputation outside of the US, but then, nor do any other US manufacturers. Toyota and Nissan are really the only manufacturers who can make decent off-road vehicles which won't self destruct after a few thousand miles of high speed rough gravel/dirt road conditions.

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