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NOV 22

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"Have you heard if St Louis Park has approved this WIFI plan? I live in..."

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Making WiFi Wireless with Solar Power.

solarwifiThe problem with WiFi is that it has to plug into something. Or does it? Can we actually have a city-wide WiFi system that not only provides convenient and levitra by mail reliable internet without using gird power? St Louis Park, a small city in Minnesota, has plans to do just that. The city is using some 400 PV panels to power a city-wide WiFi system that will cost $20 a month for a 1 mbps connection.

It's cheap, it's convenient, it's owned by the city, and it's solar-frikkin powered. We'll keep an eye on this one and, with any luck, it'll spread to other cities as well.
Via TreeHugger 
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WIFI for Canada
written by Katy, November 23, 2006
Have you heard if St Louis Park has approved this WIFI plan? I live in a community with WIFI in the downtown area so this could work. I will forward the info.

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