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"Google recently announced that they are a "carbon neutral" company. Cl..."

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Google Puts Up $75 Million for Residential Solar Installations

Google has set up a $75 million fund that will pay for about 3,000 residential solar installations in California, Colorado and Arizona.  The fund will be overseen by Clean Power Finance who will work with installers to offer financing options to levitra canada online pharmacy homeowners.

The fund will allow homeowners who want to incorporate solar power in their homes, but can't afford the high upfront costs of a solar power system, to enter into lease agreements or power purchase agreements with the installers.

This fund is the second for Google, who also created a $280 million residential solar fund that California-based SolarCity will administer.  That fund will be overseeing installations, lease agreements and power purchase agreements in 11 states and Washington, D.C.

The popularity of residential and small scale solar is at a high because of the federal and state tax incentives for homeowners.  Companies who invest in these projects (i.e. Google), get large tax credits as well.

via Forbes

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written by JT, October 01, 2011
How does google make money off this?
re: ...
written by JSheezie, October 04, 2011
I'm pretty sure the point isn't that they're making money, but they're putting something in place that is going to save people a LOT of money on their energy bills in the visit our site getting levitra long run, and since households will be purchasing the power from Google, they'll be making all of the money back anyway. Plus they get a big tax break for doing that, which can't hurt.
The point behind this one isn't necessarily to make more money, but to spend less, as far as I can tell.
written by lawrence fawcett, October 05, 2011
How do we apply? Sounds fantastic...
Sustainability = more money
written by Mike, October 05, 2011
Google recently announced that they are a "carbon neutral" company. Clearly, this doesn't mean that they have no emissions - it just means that what emmisions they do create they offset through reduction projects. Most companies have to purchase "offsets", which a third party company invests in renewable energy or other "carbon reduction" projects. Since Google is purchasing viagra in the united kingdom Google, they can fund their own projects and skip the middle man.

How does this make money? It is the classic scenario of sustainability projects helping the environment and society while also helping the bottom line. Clearly, Google wants to disocunt cialis be perceived as a sustainable company, and this helps. There are also the mentioned tax credits. The real benefit is in increased goodwill for the company.

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