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OCT 10

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"Germany has a lot of photovoltaic capacity, thanks to very generous fe..."

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Vermont Plans to Get 90% of Energy from Renewable Sources by 2050

Vermont's Department of Public Service has released a new Comprehensive Energy Plan that raises its renewable energy target to 90% by 2050, a huge leap from the 25% by 2050 target set in 2008. 

The plan calls for a mix of new renewable energy projects, energy conservation, gains in residential and online ordering viagra commercial energy efficiency, and developing plug-in vehicle infrastructure.

Vermont has a bit of an advantage going into this goal since it has the lowest energy demand in New England and also has no coal-fired power plants.  The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant that supplies one-third of soft viagra tablets its electricity is closing next year, so the state is aggressively pursuing renewable energy, mainly solar and wind power, to replace it.

via Energy Boom
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Political BS
written by Phung, October 12, 2011
I see that Ecogeek has fallen prey to canada tramadol corporate spin yet again. The easiest thing in the world is for a politically affiliated group to make long term promises.

Ecogeek would be best served not to publish this rubbish.
Best way to go is EVs and Plug-in Hybrids, movable energy storage.
written by FreedomPlease Org, October 12, 2011
Best bet is buy generic levitra from uk to do a lot of EV & Plug-in hybrids! This will give you movable energy storage as well as clean transportation. At night homes can run off the car until bed time, while sun is down, recharge via the grid at low use rates and leave enough charge to get back to work where you charge up via solar arrays. Wind can help to try it cheap viagra canada charge at night. Good luck!
I'm dubious.
written by Walter Jeffries, October 15, 2011
I'm very dubious of them reaching this goal. I live in Vermont. I can personally get 90% of my energy needs from local renewable resources. But I do not believe that the urban areas can attain this. Photovoltics are not a good choice in our climate. Sadly, too many NIMBYs oppose wind, something we do generic levitra sale have, but even then wind isn't enough. What we do have most of all is hydro power but the state is to much in opposition to hydroelectric. They're actually destroying dams, damn them. Wood is great. Passive solar gain is great. But neither of those are going to work well enough in the cities. Totally redesigning how homes and such are built is the ultimate solution to the heating, as well as maintenance, but that isn't going to happen any time soon. We built our house so it naturally heats itself. But we're not going to see that adopted statewide. This is just a spin press release. As the commenter above said, they're just doing political spin with impossible long term goals they don't have to meet - heck, most of them will be dead before the deadline approaches.
"Photovoltics are not a good choice in our climate."
written by rick brown, October 19, 2011
@ Walter: Your assessment that solar is purchasing cialis with next day delivery not a practical option in Vermont isn't accurate. If we take a look at Germany, which is at a higher latitude and has more cloud cover, yet it's so far ahead of Vermont as far as installed solar per capita is concerned. More importantly, it's working for them.
I agree with your suggestion that redesigning how homes are built is the ultimate solution.
Great Plains Restoration Council
written by Green Lady, October 24, 2011
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written by John ONeill, December 04, 2011
Germany has a lot of photovoltaic capacity, thanks to very generous feed-in tariffs paid by the overnight tramadol from overseas consumers, but actual production is less impressive even in summer, and nearly nonexistent in winter when demand is greatest. Vermont would be foolish to follow Germany's example of closing nuclear plants which were largely paid off, and capable of providing reliable, cheap, low carbon power for many years

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