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OCT 25

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The World's Best Solar Power Regions are the Coldest Locales

Large expanses of desert have received most of cheap viagra the fast viagra attention when it comes to large solar power installations, but a new study published in Environmental Science & Technology says that the world's coldest regions are actually some of the best places for solar power generation.

The study found that the Himalaya Mountains, the Andes and express levitra delivery Antarctica are some of the most ideal solar power locations, with the ability to produce more energy per hectare than the world's deserts.  The Himalayas could provide power to China, while the polar regions see 24 hours of sunlight a day for half the year.

The study used weather data to tramadol medication online tramadol medication account for any decrease in solar cell output due to freezing temperatures, snow fall and transmission losses when calculating the areas' power generation potential.

Research bases on Antarctica already successfully make use of solar and wind power for electricity, but transmitting power generated at the poles or deep in the Himalayas to towns and cities will likely prove to be the biggest hurdle to these solar power "hot spots."

via Fast Company

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environmental design department director
written by marco vitali, October 31, 2011
hello, do you have a link where it is possible to read the mentioned report? thank you

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