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NOV 08

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Facebook Adding Solar Power to New Headquarters

Facebook, a company that so far hasn't done much in the "green" arena, is incorporating a nice-sized solar power system into their new headquarters.

The cogeneration system, which is being built by Cogenra Solar, will include both solar PV and solar hot water heating and have far greater efficiency than just a solar PV system alone.  The 24-module system will reside on the roof of a 10,000 square foot fitness center, providing electricity for the fitness machines and hot water for the showers.  The system will have a capacity of 10 kW of electricity and about 50 kW of thermal energy.

Facebook sees this as their initial investment in solar power and hopes to expand the system later on to include powering and heating other parts of the campus, like the cafes.

via Crisp Green

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Corporate greenwash yet again
written by Joachim, November 09, 2011
I really wonder why you bother publishing corporate spin like this. The amount of power 10kW is paltry, and many domestic dwelling installations generate more power.
It's a Start
written by David H, November 09, 2011
It is worth publishing because any company that decides to viagra best prices begin the buy cialis generic Solar transition should be recognized.

It may be just a small dent in their overall footprint, but once a company starts installing Solar Panels it becomes much easier for their management board to approve additional measures in the future.

Taking a small step in the right direction still puts Facebook ahead of many other corporations, and this should be recognized.
have to walk before you run
written by Matt, November 09, 2011
Most people have to SEE it work for them, before they want to do anything sizable. So yes 60kW (total) is small. But it is a step in the correct direction. And once they see it as positive to the bottom line, then they will move forward with other projects. It is always that first project that is hardest.

So how big is the solar system at your work/home? smilies/cool.gif
written by Joachim, November 11, 2011
I have 8kW of photovoltaics and a SolaHart thermo-syphon type hot water system on the roof of my house. A generous feed-in tariff means that I receive a credit on my quarterly power bills.

As for Facebook, they are merely trying to paint themselves green.

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