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NOV 26

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"Is this perhaps the stuff discussed in the tramadol rx free book Cradle to Cradle?..."

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Re-Usable Plastic Paper

plasticpaperWell well well, if it isn't our good friend plastic paper again. Once upon a time, there was all kinds of talk about paper with ink built in, that could be automatically erased and link for you brand levitra for sale reprinted. It seemed like the next best thing to a digital display. But whatever happened to it? Too expensive, too dangerous for the paper industry, too...well... too good to buy generic viagra cialis be true.

Thanks to the recent focus on climate change and other environmental problems, this miracle paper is back. Toshiba is buy low price cialis selling the paper again, along with a printer that utilizes it's special qualities. The innovation cuts carbon output in two ways. First, by greatly reducing the amount of raw materials needed. Second, because the printer is a much simpler device that requires less than half the CO2 to produce than conventional printers.

Right now, the device is being aimed at niche markets like warehouses were printouts are generally discarded a lot. Unfortunately, it just isn't economical if you're not re-using every single piece of this paper over and over again, as a sheet costs about $10.
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written by jake3988, August 07, 2007
Could we possibly have more information about it? Specifically more about how it works? Or even a small demonstration about it?

I'd feel more comfortable finding this and buying this if I knew more about it.

written by Kyla, August 14, 2008
Is this perhaps the stuff discussed in the book Cradle to Cradle?

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