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NOV 15

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"Alaska Airlines deserves some credit for moving to an alternative fuel..."

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Alaska Airlines Begins Cross-Country Flights on Used Cooking Oil Blend

Last week, Alaska Airlines began a series of cross-country flights from Seattle to Washington, D.C. using a biofuel blend that is can be comprised of used fryer oil, chicken fat, algal oil or parts of inedible plants.  The 80/20 blend of jet fuel and biofuel will carry 75 flights on the trans-continental trek.

The fuel is being supplied by Dynamic Fuels, which counts Tyson Foods as a partner, providing chicken fat and beef tallow from their processing plants.  Alaska Airlines will use the fuel on where can you buy ultram online a daily Boeing 737 flight that covers the Seattle to D.C. route, as well as on three daily Q400 turboprop flights that go from Seattle to Portland.

The biofuel is chemically identical to us cialis jet fuel, which means the flights could actually run completely on the alternative fuel and not be blended, but right now the cost is prohibitive.  The biofuel blend that Alaska Airlines is using cost it $17/gallon compared to $3/gallon for traditional jet fuel.  But the expectation is that as production of buy fioricet biofuels like these increase, the prices will steeply drop.

via NY Times

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written by AgrionChris, November 21, 2011
An interesting report indeed.

For anyone who wishes to learn more about sustainability and energy issues I strongly suggest you check out this upcoming Agrion Energy Conference. The event will touch upon of variety of subjects involved in energy security and renewables with key figures from the buying levitra government and large businesses discussing these issues.

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written by nyak, November 30, 2011
Alaska Airlines deserves some credit for moving to an alternative fuel but is it truly about the environment or about the green image and profit.
I’ll let you decide.
At the Nome Alaska terminal the corporate big wigs decided to hire an out of state consultant to go to Nome and report what Alaska Airlines could do best canadian pharmacy to reduce their operating costs and cialis us pharmacy give them a green image.
The result a 1KW solar PV system and a 6KW wind generator!
Now don’t get me wrong the PV is always a good idea when you’re using government grant money however; there are a few things wrong. The wind generator is perched on a 30 foot mono pole about 10 feet from the facility shell that has a sloped roof. About 20 feet closest to the generator and leading up to around 30 feet. I’ll make it short. It worked till the first storm and now it’s a lawn ornament.
The facility has two large open garage bays with six each 400 watt HPS Hi-Bay fixtures. These fixtures are on 24/7.
I’m not a rocket scientist but wouldn’t replacing the buy viagra now Hi-Bay fixtures and installing occupancy sensors save a bunch of green and make you look green?

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