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NOV 29

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"Please always specify whether such statements about expenditure etc re..."

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Investments in Renewable Energy Topped Fossil Fuels Last Year

For the first time, investments in renewable energy projects surpassed those in fossil fuel power plants, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.  Last year, $187 billion was invested in renewable energy installations, while $157 billion was invested in new natural gas, oil and how to get viagra canada coal plants.

The increase in investments in the cheap 25mg cialis sector, even while in a down economy, has led to price drops in equipment and renewable energy power, making solar and wind power far more competitive with coal power.

Renewable energy subsidies deserve a lot of credit for the spending increase:  about $66 billion in subsidies were handed out last year.

It's a great bit of viagra 30 discount news as another round of global talks on the climate crisis is likely heading nowhere as we speak.

via LA Times

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written by Zara, November 30, 2011
I go for solar power. It's quite advantageous than coal energy. Thanks for this good information. =)
written by Ed @ Solar Quotes, November 30, 2011
I am ecstatic that the renewable energy industry received more of an investment and certainly hope it only continues to rise.

Great read, hope to viagra india see more like this in the near future.
billions is still a lot
written by Daniela, December 01, 2011
It's really great news that renewables are gaining in investment, but "$157 billion was invested in new natural gas, oil and coal plants" is still an enormous amount!
US or Global?
written by Sapoty, December 10, 2011
Please always specify whether such statements about expenditure etc refer to USA or are Global figures.

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