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NOV 26

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"How wonder if the piezo crystal technology wears out very quickly......"

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Dancing Green

piezoelectric_dancingA long-standing question I've had: Which takes more energy? 1. Conventionally heating a large room, or 2. Playing Prince loud enough that people will come, dance, and heat the room with their energy. I'm fairly certain that playing Prince would require less electricity, but the question might now be moot, as a Netherlands dance club is planning on installing electricity-generating tiles in the dance floor.

That's right, there is now a direct way to turn the meta-physical energy of the Jackson 5 into electricity. Tito sings, you dance, the floor tiles move, electricity comes out. OK...maybe it's not 'direct' as such, but as a lover of dance clubs myself, I think it's just a fine idea.

Of course, the folks haven't decided how to make the online viagra gel to buy floor generate electricity quite yet, but it looks like, in the end, they'll be using piezoelectric crystals, which emit electrons when compressed. Piezoelectrics are notoriously expensive, though, and don't produce all that much power. Nonetheless, it's very cool, and I hope this kind of consciousness
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Good idea
written by Celia, November 29, 2006
With all the kids dancing, The could get to cheap viagra 100mg be self sufficient. I have afeeling that springs could work. I'm the low tech sort.
written by Vincenze, December 05, 2006
Is this the same as the "sustainable dance club" in this video I wonder?
Sustainable dance club inauguration
written by l3utterfish, December 05, 2006
Yes Vincence.. is the same ;)
By the way you can see how the inauguration party of the Disco went in this link
written by stephanie, September 05, 2007
How wonder if the piezo crystal technology wears out very quickly...

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