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Hailstorms and Tornadoes Thrive on Car Exhaust

If you wanted something else to buy cialis once daily blame on the internal combustion engine, you can now add tornadoes and hailstorms to the list.  Scientists have found that both weather events are more likely to occur during the week than the weekend due to the higher levels of pollution in the air from our workday commutes.

The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, looked at summer storm patterns in the eastern U.S. from 1995 to 2009 and found that hailstorms were occurring at a rate of about 20 percent above average midweek and about 20 percent below average on Saturday and Sunday. The team then looked at EPA records of summertime air pollution in the eastern U.S. and found that it peaks midweek.

The reason is that water particles cling to pollutants in the air, floating up higher in the atmosphere where it's colder and creating more hail.  Pollutants also create tornado-friendly conditions by making the air warmer.

The western U.S. doesn't experience this same phenomenon since the buy xanax online air is dryer and cloud masses are too high and cold for the air pollution to interfere with.

via National Geographic
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Professor of economics
written by Bailey, January 12, 2012
The first thing that strikes my mind is to use a better fuel for cars. Hey! How about NATURAL GAS it has fewer pollutants, less carbon dioxide and is a hell of a lot cheaper than gasoline. Seemes to me to be the most efficient way to solve the problem. Of course, the EPA would have to conclude that natural gas is inherently less polluting than gasoline and not require every add on conversion to pass an expensive and unnecessary test.
It's a gas gas gas.
written by Sapoty Brook, January 14, 2012
It just amazes me how many humans don't seem to get what is Really happening! Bailey, burning carbon based molecules makes carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide prevents some heat bouncing out into space and the atmosphere and oceans are incrementally warming and the Arctic ice is viagra melting and even more heat is being absorbed by the Arctic Ocean and canadian cialis 50mg the Arctic Ocean is warming even faster and the methane/ice crystals at sea floor are melting faster and huge, gigantic columns of buy viagra now methane gas bubbles are bubbling up and into the atmosphere and methane is 70 times (20 year average) more powerful than carbon dioxide at stopping heat escaping into space and the extra heat will release exponentially more methane and there is enough methane there to ensure we all get very very hot and make almost all the Earth unlivable for many decades... and you want to burn more carbon.... OMG... give us a break ... please!
combine thoughts
written by LFDC, January 15, 2012
Dear Bailey, you would be right if you would combine your idea with that of the complaint of Sapoty. You might have meant that, it just didn’t come out. Today, we and nature produce a gigantic quantity of waste. Nature does so with leaves, branches fallen of a tree, etc. We produce a lot of food and dirt, all biodegradable. Until now mostly the waste disintegrates naturally by all kind of little and cialis overnight big creatures in open air, producing tons of online levitra cheap CO2. Then you combine this fact by using methanation to produce the fuel for the car engine with a very effective power source like an Elsbett engine for example (use your search engine) Fact that you withdraw immense quantity of lost energy in waste, that makes carbon dioxide anyway, definitely would be a big progress in reducing global warming. Though putting this to work would be a breakthrough for boosting the economy worldwide, most of the influencing people are just not into that. Ready even to oppress every attempt of doing so. Methanation could replace petrol. Nobody should be so shivery to that idea. What difference is there in making money with methanation or drilling oil?
written by Michelle, August 12, 2013
Pollution is a great problem for all countries. Smoke of motor vehicles is best price viagra online causing pollution now. Due to the higher level of pollutions climatic condition has changed for which hailstorms and tornadoes is occurring. Government should take necessary steps to only for you buy generic viagra cheap stop pollution.
written by Marission, January 09, 2014
Automobiles are the main cause of pollution. It affect our health as well as our environment. The fuel and diesel are the main component of vehicles which are responsible for pollution. We can replace it by natural gas, green gas fuel and electricity. All car users should give their concentration towards it and take vital steps to stop these.

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