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JAN 05

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GM Encouraging Chevy Volt Drivers to Come in for Battery Work

The Chevy Volt has hit its first snag, but GM seems to be handling it in stride.  After some battery fire issues during crash testing, GM is taking steps to cheap female viagra ensure that Volt drivers have a safe vehicle on their hands.

According to the AP, GM is encouraging Volt drivers to bring their vehicle into a dealer where mechanics will "strengthen the structure around the levitra professional 100 mg batteries."  Extra steel will be added to the plates that surround the batteries making them better protected during an impact and female cialis pills preventing any coolant leaks that were the cause of the crash test fires.  The fix has been confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency.

This isn't a formal recall, but affects about 8,000 cars out on the road and another 4,400 for sale.

Initially after the test fires, GM offered Volt drivers an opportunity to sell back their cars or to be provided a loaner replacement.  To prevent fires after any real-world crashes, GM has been sending out teams to drain batteries after being notified by the vehicles' OnStar system.

via AP


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An unfixable issue
written by Rob, January 05, 2012
Today's lithium polymer batteries are inherently unstable. Until a new battery technology is developed, users of buy generic levitra cheap vehicles are exposed to an inherent level of danger.

The Volt case that the article mentioned uses weasel words about was a fire which occurred as a result of a side impact accident. The fire did not occur until 2 weeks after the accident. A minute amount of damage to single cell gradually developed a hot spot and after two weeks the buy viagra online forum car turned into a roman candle.
Not fixable, but preventable.
written by Matthew, January 05, 2012
If GM made a policy to replace all batteries as a standard part of the repair job, it wouldn't be an issue.
Inherently unstable?
written by Chris, January 06, 2012
Inherently unstable? As compared to a tank of gasoline?
@Chris - inherently unstable, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by gas processing, January 07, 2012
The good thing is that company recalls all the cars and fix the issue.
Relative danger?
written by PaulT, January 07, 2012
Gasoline like any other substance will autoignite at a high enough temperature - somewhere around 250 - 280 degrees Celsius. So probably not a temperature found in most accidents. However the flash point is cialis and diarrhea about -43 Celsius, meaning that any rupture of any part of the fuel system will release gasoline vapour which is liable to ignition by any reasonably high temperature ignition source, like a cigarette, spark from an electrical system(!)spark from metal impact or sliding over the road surface. I seem to remember that more than one model of cialis oral gel car were removed from the market after a series of fires following rear end impacts.
On the other hand no BEV battery has ignited in a road accident that I can find, battery ignition has only occurred in testing establishments using extreme tests and batteries that have been left charged and exposed to days of inapropriate abandonment. I´m with you, Chris.
A shame that it was a problem, but handled well
written by Fencerdave, January 08, 2012
Good job by GM sending out the mechanics before this danger seriously hurt anyone.

A poor college student now, I can't wait to only today pharmacy cialis get behind the my canadian pharmacy online wheel of a Volt once I've graduated and they are old enough to buy 'used'.
Such smears
written by KMoney, January 09, 2012
Its crazy to listen to the "petrol-heads" denounce this product. Personally I think that the only think worse than being talked about, is being not talked about. The intelligent people will not be swayed from the Volt or EVs in general because they know the facts and the uninformed are not going to choose it anyways. In 1 year the uninformed won't remember the fires, but will in general remember the volt.

Its like the movie Cliffhanger was sued by Black Diamond because the director showed Black Diamond equipment failing catastrophically. Anyone who climbs knew that it was just a movie and I believe Black Diamond's suit was thrown out w/o damages being awarded.
Bad Timing
written by Mark, January 10, 2012
This is definitely bad timing for the electric car which is being promoted more than it has been in the past. It is not a new technology, so something rather significant like the batteries appears like it should have been worked out prior to this particular issue.
written by Dentist in Pueblo, January 19, 2012
I agree with gas processing that it is good that the company came forward to take the responsibility of fixing the cars whether they can solve it or not that is secondary. It is really a pity that the battery was so unstable, the car looked good though.

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