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JAN 12

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"The public really needs to get behind projects like these or else they..."

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U.K. Approves New High Speed Rail Line

The U.K. is now even closer to having a high speed rail line that connects the farthest corners of how to get viagra the English countryside. The first phase of the High Speed Two line, which will link London and next day cialis Birmingham, has been approved.

The new Y-shaped rail network will ultimately connect Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham and a port that uses the Channel Tunnel to cross over to mainland Europe. The network will also include a direct route to buy viagra and receive it in canada fast Heathrow Airport and link to existing rail lines.

The trains on the line will run at speeds up to 250 miles per hour, making the trip from Birmingham to London in just 49 minutes compared to the cost levitra lowest 84 minutes it takes today. Other popular routes will be cut in half as well. The government expects 9 million car commutes and 4.5 million plane commutes to be replaced by train commutes every year when the rail line is completed.

The first phase will start construction soon and could be running by 2026. The second phase, which will reach Manchester and Leeds, could start construction as soon as 2014 and be running by 2033.

via BBC

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Ticket prices
written by Mladen, January 13, 2012
This will work if the travel times aren't the only thing they cut in half.
I used to visit our site how to get levitra no prescription drive up to Manchester from London every 2-3 weeks coz my ex was from there, and journies by car generally always costed same as a one way ticket for 1 person.
Here's hoping
written by Fencerdave, January 13, 2012
Faster travel times mean faster turnover means more passengers per hour.
Hopefully there will be enough flow of people that the prices can drop down.
Hopefully people utilize this
written by Robert, June 14, 2012
The public really needs to get behind projects like these or else they fall into disuse and end up being big burdens for the state.

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