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JAN 17

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"Will the power generated be used to power the military bases only? Is ..."

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Military Bases in California Desert Could Generate 7 GW of Solar Power

A study released by the Department of canadian generic levitra Defense found that four miltary bases located in the California desert could generate 7 GW of solar power, the equivalent of seven nuclear power plants.

The department studied nine different bases located in California and Nevada to uncover the solar energy potential and found that even though 96 percent of the fda levitra land on those bases was unsuitable for solar development, there still existed enough suitable land on four California bases to generate more than 30 times the electricity used by those bases.  That 7-GW potential also equals about 25 percent of the renewable energy that the state is requiring utilities to use by 2015.

The department is looking to make distributed installations of solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energy sources in order to the best site best price generic viagra bring down cost and also to make the bases more self-sufficient, hopefully allowing them to run operations for weeks or months if any interruptions occurred in power from the grid.

The four military bases that will likely see solar power development based on this study are Edwards Air Force Base, Fort Irwin, China Lake and Twentynine Palms.

via DoD

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written by Timetrvlr, January 23, 2012
Hasn't California always led the way in new technology, style, progressive politics, etc.?

I can see California exporting renewable energy within a decade.
written by Timetrvlr, January 23, 2012
California has always led other states in progressive thinking adopting new technology and leading the pack. I can see them exporting renewable energy within a decade.
Deja Vu
written by Minor Heretic, January 26, 2012
A colleague of mine sent me the tramadol 100 mg cheap link to this. We did a similar study of military bases in California (and NM, SC, GA, NV) back in 2004 and found many opportunities for PV, wind, and solar hot water. Now they have spent the money all over again to find out the same things.

I hope they actually do it this time. The one problem I see is we use it viagra mexico that they want to use private developers (see DoD link) to avoid putting up capital. That just means that they will be overpaying a military contractor for solar power instead of overpaying a utility for fossil fueled power. They could just cancel a few of buy viagra or levitra those jet fighters that the Air Force doesn't want and pay for the whole program.
written by IDK, March 28, 2013
sigh... this is so wrong..... the desert isn't some power plant for you to cialis 50mg use however you like.
Who gets the power?
written by Military Bases in California, July 02, 2013
Will the power generated be used to power the military bases only? Is it just some sort of reserve / back up?

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