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Tesla Model X Will Be Unveiled February 9

Tesla won't be producing its all-electric SUV until 2014, but luckily we'll get a look at the design far sooner than that, though later than originally announced. Tesla is what is levitra set to unveil the Model X prototype on February 9 at its design studio in California, just a few short days away.

In a filing with the SEC, Tesla said that it was "designing the canadian cialis 50mg Model X to incorporate the functionality of a minivan with the consumer appeal of a sports-utility vehicle." This leaves quite a bit of room to imagine its design.  With both the Roadster and the soon-to-be-launched Model S, the carmaker pulled right from the luxury car style sheets.  No doubt that the Model X will have that luxury feel too, but it will be very interesting to when will viagra be available as a generic see what details Tesla will add to set it apart.

Even more importantly, what new performance specs will we get when the prototype is revealed? Check back on February 9 to see what we learn.

via Inside Line

Image via Tesla Motors

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