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JAN 30

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"Firstly, the 15% is of the US current electricity consumption - not th..."

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U.S. Could Get 15% of Energy from Wave and cheap uk viagra Tidal Sources by 2030

Two recent studies done by the Department of Energy found that wave, tidal and other water power sources could provide 15 percent of U.S. energy needs by 2030.

The reports called the buy levitra australia "Mapping and Assessment of the United States Ocean Wave Energy Resource( PDF)" and "Assessment of Energy Production Potential from Tidal Streams in the United States (PDF)," calculated the maximum kinetic energy in waves and tides that could be used for energy production. Our country currently uses about 4,000 TWh of electricity per year and the studies show that waves and tidal currents could potentially generate up to buy viagra in amsterdam 1,420 TWh of electricity per year, but not all of that energy could realistically be developed.

The DOE plans to release additional resource assessments for ocean current, ocean thermal gradients, and new hydropower resources later in the year so that we'll have a full picture of the water power potential in the U.S.

The findings have been incorporated into NREL's searchable U.S. Renewable Energy Atlas.

via DOE
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written by David Brands, January 30, 2012
There's been an interest in wave energy here in SoCal for years. So much of the population is good choice buy viagra at a discount concentrated at or near the coasts that Harnessing the power of waves and currents makes a lot of sense. I find the whole concept nothing short of awesome.
written by Connor Lidell, January 30, 2012
Alternative energy is something the US SHOULD get in the know about. Widespread, it's almost taboo that one should know about Sea Snakes!

I know they are doing research in the Scotland and in NE Ireland. And, I don't see why we cannot work on the project as well.

Question for you guys: do you think that combined alternative and renewable energy (albeit less profitable, sorry oil companies) would be sustainable for the entire world?
Oh, Yes Indeed.
written by Fencerdave, January 31, 2012
I definitely think so. I hope so. I'm kind of banking on it as I've been studying renewable energy and high quality viagra Chemical Engineering in University.

computer recycling
written by Jeff Birks, February 03, 2012
In the UK the figure is even higher (not surprising I suppose considering we are an island nation). On top of capturing energy from the sea there is also a huge amount of wind energy that could be captured.

The UK is aiming for 20% by 2020.
written by Tips for Recycling, February 03, 2012
This makes total sense. We have vast amounts of coastline in the US. Especially in northern regions where solar is a limited option due to seasonal variances, using wave energy is a practical option. We need to get these renewable energy initiatives off the ground if we ever hope to get off coal and nuclear power.
Oh Yaaaaaaawn!!
written by Yaaaaawn, February 08, 2012
I remember writing a report on tidal energy during my undergrad in the 80s, so the entire (tidal) productive capacity of the DoA? no, DuH? ummm DoE and industrial energy corpses have managed to confirm that there's a lot of tidal power out there...
Now, just press snooze, and Yawn Awn
Lets not get too excited here.
written by Nicola Terry, February 09, 2012
Firstly, the 15% is of the US current electricity consumption - not the current energy consumption which is 5-6 times that. Also, this is a technical potential, not the practical potential. I looked at the next day viagra wave power assessment and the abstract says they have estimated 1170 TWh as technically available out of 2640 TWh theoretical. That is cheap viagra order online a very high percentage and they are assuming that the devices will be able to capture energy over 2 orders of magnitude power density which is quite an engineering challenge too. The tidal resource seems to be much lower - only 250 TWh.

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