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FEB 07

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"We need from an early age children learn to use solar power because so..."

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Solar Panel Startup Achieves Amazing 33.9% Efficiency

Semprius, a startup company manufacturing tiny concentrated solar cells that forgo any cooling systems has achieved a truly amazing leap in solar cell efficiency. The company was able to hit 33.9 percent efficiency with their solar panel, the first time a commercially-viable solar technology has passed the cialis free pills one-third mark.

Semprius's solar cells use gallium arsenide, rather than silicon, which is able to absorb sunlight and generic viagra cost dissipate heat far better. The solar panel that scored this major efficiency record is made up of hundreds of these tiny cells that are about the width of cialis generic a pen-drawn line. Lenses atop the cells concentrate sunlight 1,000 times.

To capture a better chunk of the solar spectrum, Semprius uses three layers of gallium arsenide, each one tweaked to convert a different part of the spectrum into electricity. Silicon solar cells, by contrast, only absorb a narrow band of sunlight and have efficiency rates that typically fall somewhere in the sub-15 percent area. The record for silicon cell efficiency is 22.9 percent and the previous record for commercial-level solar technology was 32 percent.

Possibly the greatest thing about the Semprius solar panel is that it's not some far distant future technology. It's been designed to be commercially produced and a factory opens this summer to start manufacturing the buy original viagra cells.

via MIT Tech Review

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cost comparisons?
written by sarah, February 08, 2012
this is great news. I love it when a little company can come along and say hey we thought about this a different way and made this thing way more useful.

I wonder, however, they are in some cases 2x more, how much different is their price vs output compared to more traditional solar panels?
in other words, which one do I buy to put on my roof?
written by recycling electronics, February 08, 2012
Perhaps for more efficiency solar cells should use an infinity mirror (interior reflection of the light so that light that is not absorbed the first time is reflected until it is). Perhaps there is tramadol cheap that delivers to arkansas a solution somewhere there to boost efficiencies much higher than they are at present.
Nice summary on ecogeek
written by Guest, February 08, 2012
The click-through article has even more detail. It's interesting that their first small plant will be in the USA.
Heat is the problem I think
written by Charlie, February 08, 2012
This is great!
@recycling, perhaps you are right, but I gather the problem is also heat and the ability of the semiconductor (silicon, gallium arsenide) to react to various wavelengths at various temperatures. Also, as @sarah mentioned, it's about the material cost and silicon is fairly cheap and link for you cialis 100mg abundant. So I'm not sure it's about the capturing of mexico levitra the 'wasted' light energy as much as the combination of cheap semiconductor, heat dissipation and performance at that temperature.
So, I'm guessing this semiconductor costs a mint which is why they have concentrating lens arrays to cut down on the area of semiconductor needed... Prices please!
This can be a breakthrough for Solar Roofing
written by Charlotte Roofing Contractor, February 09, 2012
I think these new Solar panels are an awesome Achievement. My Charlotte Roofing and Remodeling company has been at the forefront of Green technologies in the construction industry. I hope in the very near future these Technologies become more affordable for the average homeowner.
National Power Supply | Remanufactured Diesel Engines and Generators
written by R K Roy, February 09, 2012
National Power Supply specializes in remanufactured diesel engines. These are engines that have been assembled from older parts and put together under a stringent set of quality guidelines.

R K Roy

The first?
written by Cees Timmerman, February 26, 2012
I guess these aren't available yet, then:

But if you're gonna mount them in the yard, i'd go for the "Industry highest combined efficiency of >72%":
Not for roof installations
written by Peter, March 07, 2012
For those hoping to put this on their roof, please note that may not be practical.

This CPV panels use lenses to levitra tadalafil concentrate the light unto the transducer. Such panels must be perpendicular to the sun position throughout the day. So they need 2-axis sun tracking systems so the light falls correctly into the lensing system.

So, you may want to do this on the ground.
Comparing to Zenithsolar unit
written by Peter, March 11, 2012
@Cees Timmerman,
The Zenithsolar unit that you mentioned has a weight of 3000 lbs. I bet you that is super expensive. Also, it would problably make more sense to generate hot water for a home with a cheaper roof mounted solar heat exchanger system.
Incentivizing the alternative to viagra uk Solar Industry
written by Robert, March 22, 2012
This is a great story, and demonstrates the promise of solar power for the future. I too am interested in the $$/watt for these new panels. I would think that the right incentive (say a multiple year waiver from corporate taxes) would lead to some of the larger corporate entitities developing cost-effective PV much faster.
california solar initiative
written by california solar initiative, August 08, 2012
We need from an early age children learn to use solar power because so build yourself a better future. We have to support that an older initiative

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