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Chevy's EcoLogic Label Goes Beyond MPG

While the levitra discount EPA mandated window sticker on a new car is a familiar feature, and we have become well acquainted with the testing that gives us comparative MPG (or now MPGe) ratings, those metrics are only one portion of how green a car may be considered. Other factors that are being taken into account with products like computers, consumer electronics and the best choice generic levitra in india cell phones are now also being given consideration with the introduction of the EcoLogic label Chevrolet is putting on its cars, starting with the 2012 Sonic and extending to all Chevrolet vehicles in 2013.

The EcoLogic label provides a third-party verified review of the company's claims about other factors surrounding the materials and performance of the vehicle.

The Sonic example label (PDF) lists information about "Fuel-Saving Technology," "End-of-Life Recyclability," and "Responsible Management" and then notes the particular features the car has in these categories and explains how each is accomplished. As with the EPA's improved window stickers, more information will help consumers make better, more informed choices.

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written by Karen , February 23, 2012
Whatever. Just more fluff. I won't be able to afford one until it's 12 years old anyways.
written by Mark Leo, February 24, 2012
Who is the 3rd party?

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