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MAR 26

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"As computer geeks we all know that most large utility cos are dishones..."

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Sharing Smart Meter Data

I have a new smart meter on my house, and I'm far from the only one. The number of smart meters installed across the online cheap levitra country is growing quickly. Smart meters are digital, rather than analog, equipment to measure the amount of levitra online india electricity each customer uses. However, smart meters are able to collect more data than just the electricity that has been used, they can also track the amount of electricity used as well as when it was used. Smart meters also are often equipped with wireless two-way communication for easier meter reading, among other uses.

The White House recently announced an agreement with nine "major electricity suppliers" under which consumers will be able to get access to data about their own energy use. In addition to getting the information themselves, this would allow consumers to use third-party applications to track their energy use and we choice buy canada in viagra "empower consumers to make wiser energy decisions." Congressional representative Ed Markey plans to introduce legislation that would require this information to be available to all consumers.

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via: Rep. Markey Press Release

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A welcome upgrade
written by Dan, March 26, 2012
It's about time. I wish these were ubiquitous. Seems like this device should be so 1999.
written by AngryNerd, March 26, 2012
Great! I can't wait for this data to be abused by the usual suspects.
Smart Meters
written by widemouth, March 27, 2012
Smart Meters - something to be afraid of?
Doesn't seem smart to me
written by Felix, March 27, 2012
This meter has a digital display so that makes it smart. That is just dumb.
written by Inside Nine, March 27, 2012
I wouldn't use the word "upgrade" on any device that should carry a microwave radiation risk label.

Any kid can tell you how to use less energy.
written by Mr. Widemouth, March 29, 2012
Smart Meters - something to be afraid of?
Smart Meters Not So Smart
written by RobertWilliams, March 29, 2012

A. Utility bills are increasing where smart meters are installed.

B. Customer information from smart meters is NOT formatted for customers and does NOT change customer behavior towards conservation.

The information available to customers shows up on click here overnight viagra the online viagra pharmacy utility company website 18-24 hours later WITH ALL ELECTRICAL DEVICES GROUPED TOGETHER in TOTAL, so no individual electrical device can be isolated by the customer.

Without knowing how much EACH electrical device uses, the customer CANNOT use the smart meter information to improve or conserve their energy use.

Utility companies through deceptive advertising get people to BELIEVE that the Smart Meter information will automatically assist them, but it does NOT.

C. The cost - benefit of smart meters is horrendous and is being promoted to buy now levitra profit the utility companies and their suppliers, not customers or our society or our environment, but paid for by customers, our society and our environment.

D. The Smart Grid does NOT use or require a smart meter on each home. The necessary utility information can be gathered much more efficiently, timely and inexpensively at energy distribution points. (The smart grid does not care how much power any one home uses.)

E. This massive Billions-of-dollars smart meter program will cost customers $ Billions and the public will not be receptive to real energy solutions after being burned by these Smart meters.

F. New Competitive Energy Innovations will be BLOCKED by existing Utility companies that use their smart meter system to increase their monopoly restrictive powers to prevent others from contributing.

G. Utility companies and skilled hackers can use the information from smart meters to know every detail of the activities in our homes. They will know the patterns of days and only for you how much is levitra times when we are not home. Worse, they will be able to recognize patterns such as young children in the home without adults Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.

Customers do NOT get this detailed information so skilled hackers see it, but we don’t.
And this device helps us how?
written by Kevin, March 29, 2012
Sorry, don't get it. It's like receiving a ticket in the mail for running a red light two weeks earlier. How does this teach me anything useful? Why can't I see the data displayed real-time in my home and the rate at which I'll be charged? Something's fishy here.smilies/angry.gif
More misinformation...
written by Ormond Otvos, March 30, 2012
Smart metering makes it POSSIBLE for you to avoid high cost electricity, like using your clothes dryer at five pm.

Don't be frightened by the scaremongers, who usually are lying about basic facts.

There are no microwaves emitted by smart meters. They use the same radio waves as your smart phone, ROKU, computer and router. Duh.
Digital fiddles
written by Onewhatreallykonwswhatswhat, March 31, 2012
As computer geeks we all know that most large utility cos are dishonest. We have seen thousands $ erroneously added to bills.

When we decide to use solar how are we going to prove it with any type of meter.

Why cant meters be inside the garage rather than the ugly sight of wires open to the elements we see so much of. Very UNGREEN very unprofessional.

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