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DEC 04

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"A supply of hydrogen from solar/electric development in the deserts is..."

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$40,000 Electric SUV Has 250 Mile Range

That was me trying to fit a story into a headline and viagra pharmacy online I think I did a pretty good job. The only really important number I left out was 2007, which is viagra through canada when the viagra superactive first 500 vehicles will be made available by Phoenix Motorcars, a California Company that specializes in all-electric vehicles.

The cars are powered by Lithium Ion batteries, which are somehow (this technology is getting very advances (and confusing)) significantly different from the ones used by Tesla and consumer electronics companies. Advanced battery technology is the keystone of the electric car right now. They weren't good enough when the EV1 came out, and now we have to worry that the expanded potential of Li-ion comes with the risk of 'thermal runaway events,' that could melt a cars to the pavement. This SUV, though expensive, can charge in 6 - 7 hours at any electrical socket, and could easily save thousands of dollars a year in gasoline costs.

I have a really hard time figuring how these small start-ups can do this, while large auto-companies can't manage an extra 50 miles of range, crash test the thing, and bring it to market. In the next five years, I bet we'll see it, but it really shouldn't have taken us this long...
Via Engadget 
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Head of soft viagra Energy Storage - UMR Solar Car T
written by Navarre Bartz, December 21, 2006
The difference between the buy viagra in new zealand Altair Nano batteries, a lithium iron phosphate battery, and a traditional lithium ion is the electrode. They use a nanoscale electrode in the battery that allows better power density because of higher electron transfer. The iron phosphates are more chemically stable, and thus don't have the thermal runaway issues inherent in lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. The main disadvantage of the iron phosphates is the energy density is lower than lithium ions. They're safer though, and thus are a good option for cars as they'll be on the road for awhile and having a more stable battery allows for a less complicated management system.
written by Navarre Bartz, December 21, 2006
Well, the Altair Nanos are actually a lithium titanate, not an iron phosphate. Everything else should be accurate as far as characteristics as they are similar. Thanks.
written by William Peavey, June 13, 2007
As a follow on levitra pill to the Tesla, you might like to rx generic viagra look at this EV car. Also showing the AltairNano lithium titanate batteries:

I find the body lines far more pleasing, but have no idea of the window sticker price. Altair has not yet released a PR on this project.
Tesla, what a car!!!
written by steve, June 30, 2007
Too bad, as beautiful as it is, that it will be priced only for the few financially fortunate fellows who can afford it. I believe that I'd read it was to sell at $120,000. Could be wrong but I'd also read that they're working on a somewhat less expensive version of this as well. Volume is the key to cash flow. I wish them the inexpensive viagra best. Love the pictures.
Don't forget the generators!
written by trojjer, August 13, 2007
I just hope that people realise that using an electric car to feel good about "decreasing their carbon footprint" all seems rather futile to me, as most of the electricity generated on a national grid relies on fossil fuels anyway. More still needs to be done to improve nationalised power grids (or decrease the demand for them by using smaller, localised versions); and to cialis capsules vs soft tabs make the total "carbon cost" of the electricity needed to run the car, less than the more direct cost associated when burning petroleum in an engine.
ZAP Cars
written by Jules, August 25, 2007
Hi everyone; I was wondering if you have heard of the Zap Cars? . they seem to be up and coming in the electric car industry also.. Thanks
written by Vot, September 15, 2007
Running a car on electricity is far more efficient than running it on fossil fuel. Thats why the buy pills online tramadol electrical equivalent of buy now propecia a gallon of gas is about 70 cents. Even with the dirtiest coal they are 40% cleaner. But its not the car that pollutes its the power plant and its far easier to clean the air at the source of a few non moving power stations than attach extra weight and expence to a moving vehicle to clean the air. Capturing carbon from power plants is far easier to sequestor or reroute for other purposes. Factories and viagra online store the biofuel industry use co2 to create products. These can be easily located near co2 producing power plants. Also the renewable power sources are a growing part of the power producing industry. Tesla sells solar panels with their car to encourage the buy canadian levitra online use of garage top solar. Also people can charge their vehicles at night during off peak hours when power plants are running anyway. Huge amounts of off peak energy is wasted at night because power plants still need to operate then. Its been estimated that 80% of Americans could replace their cars with phevs or electric vehicles without the need to build a new power station if they were charged during these late off peak hours. Also new technology is allowing car batteries to store this off peak energy and then if the car owner chooses they can resupply the power grid during times of high usage. With many vehicles doing this it would help prevent brown outs and put less strain on the power grid.
written by Sohbet, September 25, 2007
A chat room or chatroom is a term used primarily by mass media to describe any form of buying viagra from canada synchronous conferencing, occasionally even asynchronous conferencing ...
written by piercings, January 09, 2008
yes it's actually a lithium titanate
Deserts, Fuel Cells and Oil Barons
written by Uncle B, April 12, 2008
A supply of hydrogen from solar/electric development in the deserts is close to a practical reality. Expect to see a battery/fuel cell electric with great range in the near future. The "Big Three" stockholders are the same people who hold oil stocks, in effect, they are the oil barons that are strangling the economy. The last thing they want is an effective electric car, witness the EV1 from GM!

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