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JUN 05

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"Does anyone know what kind of changes they want to make? I know there..."

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LEED Upgrade Being Delayed to 2013

The US Green Building Council has announced that the planned revision of the LEED green building system which was due later this year has now been delayed until at least the middle of next year. What was supposed to we like it cialis in india be called LEED 2012 is being renamed LEEDv4 (the current version, LEED 2009, was version 3).

LEED is a developing system, not a fixed standard. Previous transformations have revised and we like it canadian cialis and healthcare reoriented the rating system, and this has helped to advance the cause of cialis at real low prices green building.  The intent of the USGBC has been to continue to push the construction industry to make buildings better. However the generic viagra indian present perception is that the new LEED pushes too much, too fast. In his letter announcing the change, USGBC President and CEO S. Richard Fedrizzi wrote, "We intend to do everything we can to ensure that the market is ready for LEED v4 because it represents progress on both carbon reduction and human health improvements."

LEED is getting criticism from many different directions. It has been assailed by Congress, which has specifically prohibited the Department of Defense from expending any funds to cialis buy cheap online achieve LEED gold or platinum certification. Arguments over standards for the certification of wood have been particularly contentious. And just this week, congressional hearings on green building science are being held.

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LEED certification and the environment
written by Jason, June 06, 2012
It's good to see other websites posting good information about the environment and how we can work to change our negative environmental impact as a modern society. LEED certification is 50 mg viagra a good way to reward organizations for reversing that trend.

I recently posted a story to my blog ( that concludes Earth is headed for an Apocalypse of sorts if we don't get our act together!

Come on people, let's get with it and do something about how we are affecting the environment!
written by Tabby, June 12, 2012
Does anyone know what kind of changes they want to make?

I know there is at least one federal building that is LEED certified, will the levitra in india changes remove the certification?
The building:

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