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DEC 06

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"has somebody seen this kind of usb battery[url]"

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Even Smarter USB Battery


Last month, we pointed out a AA size battery that could be recharged when plugged in to a USB port.

Now, a company called Ecosol has introduced a USB charged portable battery called the Powerstick. It's about the same size as a USB memory stick, and although it doesn't contain any flash memory, it's almost as smart. It contains a lithium polymer battery (a probable successor technology to lithium ion). It does not fit into electronic devices directly, but instead is used to recharge a whole range of drugs online cialis phones, MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, etc. using different power tips.

The thing we like best about the Powerstick is that it has a display on its side to show how much power the battery has remaining. It's one more step to make it easier to kick the only today buying levitra in the us "disposable" battery habit and use rechargable power for all our electronic devices.

via: Treehugger

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written by mbm, December 07, 2006
I have 2 questions...

Since this is a new technology, we don't really know if it's safe and stuff like that... what if this catch on fire in my backpack?! Is that possible?

And also, I don't see any infos on the price or where I could buy one. Is it out yet for everyone or is that only a prototype?
written by GTW, December 07, 2006
So is it the battery that's smart or is it the inventor? If the battery is lowest cost viagra online free shipping "smart" for being able to do what's said here, why don't we call say 286s smart? Or why not Centrinos? To call a device "smart" it has at least have some automatically adaptive features.

In reply to mbm, as far as I know, Lithium batteries don't catch fire unless there's a short circuit or maybe exposed to heat. I know some airlines permit users to carry seperate Lithium batteries in their hand luggage, up to 2, if the contact points are covered/sealed. So unless you put your burning cigarette butts into your backpack, you should be quite safe carrying these :)
usb batery
written by battery laptop, October 21, 2007
It's smart. where can i purchase it?
has somebody used this usb battery?
written by Dean, December 05, 2007
has somebody seen this kind of usb battery about it's quality?

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