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AUG 21

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"Does anyone have interest of LED tube work with electronic ballast?..."

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The Other Bulb Ban: Linear Fluorescents

While new efficiency requirements for incandescent bulbs have gotten much of the recent attention, there are also requirements in place that will lead to the phasing-out of viagra soft tabs 100 mg most older T-12 fluorescent tubes (and associated magnetic ballasts for these lamps), as well. Production of magnetic ballasts was to end as of July 1, 2012, and production of lamps using these older ballasts and the T-12 tubes was to end as of July 14.

To replace the older tubes, two styles of newer fluorescent bulbs, T-8 and T-5, are available (and have been around for many years). These are thinner (1" diameter for the T-8 and 5/8" for the T-5) and more energy efficient than the older T-12s. The newer bulbs are not compatible with older lamps, so owners of older fixtures will need to replace their lamps or install retrofit kits.

In addition to the energy savings, switching from T-12 to T-5 fluorescents also drastically reduces the click here levitra costs amount of mercury in circulation. A T-5 fluorescent tube contains "3 milligrams of ordering cialis overnight delivery mercury compared to T12, older technology fluorescent tubes with 27-30 milligrams of mercury. That's 89% less mercury."

Some others may opt to install linear LEDs that match the configuration of fluorescent tubes. These retrofits have had some problems, but the industry continues to improve.

image: CC BY-SA 2.5 by Wikimedia Commons/Leridant

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written by Edwin, August 24, 2012
Interesting stuff, I definitely think more people may switch to using LED lamps as they drop down in price. LED also has the benefit of holding their brightness over time. It's also good to hear that less mercury will be used to produce &-5 fluorescent tubes, which is click now discount viagra viagra great for the environment considering the quantities of these in office buildings.
written by Fencerdave, August 28, 2012
Because You were not a lightbulb?

Then they came for the toxic pesticides, and I did not speak out because I was not a toxic pesticide.

Then they came for the coal, and I did not speak out because I was not made of coal.

Then they looked at me. There were no toxins in my water, no poison in my food, and no smog in my sky.

I was happy.
Ban bulb bans
written by MalikTous, October 15, 2012
I have dealt with replacing the ballast and tubes in existing T12 fixtures, it's not hard and they take T8 tubes afterwards. But the entire switch should be handled by the i recommend buying levitra industry using incentives and marketting systems, not heavy handed government with its disgusting bans and overpriced legislation. We should ditch the bans entirely, have our choice of incandescent bulbs, T12 (with reduced mercury content), T8, T5, and CF lamps, halogen and gas-arc lamps, and new LED and Troyon technology lights. The most economic will eventually be the most popular while use of other lamps will recede to specialty applications.
LED Tube Work With Electronic Ballast
written by Ron Chong, July 03, 2013
Does anyone have interest of LED tube work with electronic ballast?

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