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"This article should not suprise anyone. The real green hotels are smal..."

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Hotels Not Getting Greener (Even the Green Ones)

A recent article in Metropolis magazine notes that, in spite of the trends toward greener construction in both the construction and visit web site cheapest levitra prescription hospitality industries, recently built hotels tend to be worse, in terms of energy consumption, than those built in the 1960s, and asks, "Is hotel design inherently unsustainable?"

The information, and the accompanying graphic, makes a comparison based on energy used and CO2 emissions equivalents per room per night. The average hotel room built in the 1960s represents the equivalent of 12.2 kilograms (26.9 pounds) CO2, while rooms built between 1997 - 2007 represent an equivalent of 21.5 kilograms (47.4 pounds) of CO2 emissions.

One important point that may be responsible for some of the difference may be the canada levitra online same trend in housing that is pushing for larger and larger footprints. Larger rooms and increased numbers of amenities increase energy demand, and often far more than the offsetting efficiency measures.

Although we continue to get press releases about new, green hotels being built, these few examples, even when they do incorporate extremely strong energy efficiency measures, are all too rare.  A few good examples aren't enough to viagra no perscription uk stem an apparent overall tide that seems headed in the wrong direction.

image: Metropolis and Wikimedia Commons

via: Metropolis Magazine

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The real green hotels are small hotels
written by Patine, March 08, 2013
This article should not suprise anyone. The real green hotels are small hotels, generally using traditional and existing buildings, observing a strong environmental policy, serving organic or fair-trade produce in their restaurants, and generally well integrated into local communities.
this is cialis uk very different from the big new-build hotels run by mighty corporations.
See for example the small hotels listed here most of them a far cry from the large establishments run by big hotel chains – however "green" these may claim to be.

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