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NOV 16

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"It's all about the debt-ridden California government trying to get mor..."

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New Cap-and-Trade Auction Takes Place

The eighth largest economy in the world has a new carbon cap-and-trade program in place. And no, it's not a country in Europe, it's the State of cialis non generic California, which this week auctioned the rights to emit 60 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The California Air Rights Board auction serves to set a price on the emission of a ton of CO2. Companies can decide whether to invest in cleaner, more efficient systems, or can choose to pay for the right to pollute. As noted in the Marketplace report, "We've been living in a world where there is no price on pollution," says Dan Kammen, a professor of energy policy at U.C. Berkeley. "It doesn't send the right signals. It doesn't reward innovators."

Absent such a system, industry has been free to generic cialis forum exhaust CO2 into the click now gay levitra atmosphere without regard to impact on others. Establishing a market for carbon emissions will begin to put a price on that right, and to allow the true costs of carbon emissions to be more accurately reflected in the economy.

The California Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit to object to the auction, but the Air Rights Board believes that the auction will withstand legal challenge.

image: CC BY-SA 3.0 by Dori/Wikimedia Commons

via: Marketplace

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written by PBS To The Contrary, November 16, 2012
PBS’ To the Contrary ( recently reported on the latest research, regulations and recommendations on BPA.

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Cap and trade systems are inherently corrupting
written by Eric, November 17, 2012
These systems do not produce good outcomes. They invariably are used to create profits from carbon emissions and not actually diminish carbon emissions.

It is just another derivative financial product.
cap & trade humans
written by patricio, November 29, 2012
So if this is a good idea, how long before the cialis buycialis onlin govt applies the same rule to humans, in an effort to regulate OUR greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)? then only rich people will be allowed to breathe. seems like a good idea.
written by Robert, November 29, 2012
Cap and trade programs are a proven method for reducing emissions. It's about time the US stood up to levitra uk the monied interests and did something about climate change!
written by Steve Baldwin, December 12, 2012
That's California Air Resources Board.
written by John Brofka, July 02, 2013
It's all about the debt-ridden California government trying to get more $$$. In the end it is the citizens who will pay for Cap and Trade on viagra headaches carbon emissions.

Will Cap and Trade for methane emissions by its citizens be the next money maker for California?

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