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DEC 07

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"Lighting a solar house is the same thing only it lasts longer. Unfort..."

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A Solar Powered Christmas

solarwreathI'm not really the type for lawn art or even Christmas lights. But I've got nothing against them. OK, yes I do, they're a god-awful waste of energy. But they don't have to be! Check out this listing from the us discount viagra overnight delivery American Inventor Spot of solar powered Christmas decorations and I will officially stop giving you such a hard time.

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written by rob, December 08, 2006
This is quite a good idea, although judging by next doors solar garden lights, they would run out of power by about 7-8pm, there just isn't enough sunlight in the winter.
Although the batteries in solar lights are just normal ni-cads (I took one to bits to mend it when it died), and you can give them a boost in a charger, which perks them up for quite a while.

This idea would certainly save some power, judging by the blaze of only for you canadian pharmacy online lights around the village, no one seems to turn them off at bed time and when I walk through the village around midnight (I can't sleep), all the lights are still shining.
Some displays are so large and tacky, they must be burning kilowatts of power.
Solar houses
written by Celia, December 15, 2006
Lighting a solar house is the same thing only it lasts longer. Unfortunately, the houses with the buy cialis in europe most lights are the same houses that don't recycle. They've got blinders on to enviromentally friendly behavior.

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