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MAR 20

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"Wind turbine started to become Türkiye very popular at the buy cheap levitra moment Tha..."

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New Record Setting Wind Turbine

A new construction at a test center in Østerild, Denmark has become the largest wind turbine in the world.

Well, that title depends on which criteria determine "largest." If rotor diameter is your rule, Siemens's latest, the SWT-6.0-154, has surpassed the previous holder, the second-generation Enercon E126, by over two dozen feet. While the E126 has approximately a 127-meter rotor diameter, Siemens's new offshore wind turbine boasts a 154-meter rotor diameter--and its immense 75-meter long blades combined with its 4-meter wide hub means a massive swept area of purchase discount cialis 18,600 square meters.

With a 6MW turbine, under the most optimal conditions, the new model will produce around 65 percent more electricity than earlier models from the company. This SWT-6.0-154 won't be a lonely giant for long; according to Gizmodo, Siemens plans to construct 300 more of these massive machines.

The massive blades for this new turbine are built as a single piece, without heavy fittings and connections, allowing a weight savings of 20 percent.  This will likely be a greater benefit for offshore turbines like this, since enormously long single piece blades are hard to transport over land.

The size isn't simply for world-record showiness. The larger the buying levitra wind turbine, the more energy produced, according to a study by Swiss and Dutch Scientists, accounting for both size and the improved technology over time. Constructing massive offshore wind farms makes scaling up easier and makes harnessing wind energy more cost effective. Since expensive underwater foundations are needed to support these turbines, having larger but fewer wind turbines will reduce production costs.

Image via Siemens


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massive mold
written by Andrew, March 21, 2013
WOW look art the size of the mold into which the worker is laying fiberglass. I have always wondered how the molds were constructed. below floor makes a lot of sense, for stability, and everything on this scale.
Giant :)
written by Rinkesh, April 01, 2013
It looks so giant and monstrous. Size of radius is equivalent to the size of an A-380 aircraft which in itself tells the buy tramadol no rx story. Wish I could get to see it once in my life.
Pretty cool
written by Eco, April 03, 2013
I love how that mold looks like a bobsled track!
I am impressed that they claim to get 65% more power than the previous version. Being single pieces, i imagine transporting is a little trickier haha.
..., Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Paul Turner, April 08, 2013
Natasha, how did they permit all those skyscrapers in cities? How about those electricity pylons?Aren´t they an equal danger?

Seriously though, most aircraft are not permitted below 2000 feet above ground level except in airfield approaches anyway, and the turbines are not that tall (yet!) Any such hazard is reported on various navigational updates sent out to pilots, so there should not be a big problem.
written by Bryan Bell, April 12, 2013
We needs thousands of these things for our electric needs
Is EcoGeek Dying?
written by Carl, April 13, 2013
It seems to me that Ecogeek is on the decline. Updates are infrequent these days. It would be a shame if the lamest "green" blog on the tubes was to die.
written by Ron Shook, April 23, 2013
How much does one of it's great! canadian healthcare pharmacy these huge buggers cost moored offshore?
written by Malesela, April 25, 2013
Nothing is as free as the air we breathe!
Great News!
written by Robert Nelson, May 27, 2013
Great News for Wind Energy!
mustafa eraslan
written by mustafa eraslan, May 27, 2013
Wind turbine started to become Türkiye very popular at the moment Thank you for sharing.

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