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JUN 03

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"A few days ago, the Blue/Green Alliance had a link to an article about..."

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First US Floating Turbine Launched

The first grid-connected floating wind turbine has been launched off the coast of Maine, moving the US forward in its deployment of offshore wind power. Offshore wind has been well developed, particularly in Europe. But, despite having extensive wind resources, the US has done very little until now in the discount pfizer viagra way of cialis on women establishing offshore wind power.

The VolturnUS turbine is actually only a 1:8 scale development model from the University of Maine Advanced Structures and wow look it viagra samples in canada Composites Center. Nonetheless, the structure is a 65 foot (19.8 meters) tall, and produces enough power that it can be tied to the grid.

This turbine will serve primarily for design study and data collection. According to the Department of Energy, the VolturUS "will collect data to validate and improve floating wind turbine designs, while helping to buy viagra in england address technical barriers to greater offshore wind cost reductions."

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Why is the US behind?
written by Jon, June 03, 2013
It would be interesting to know why the first floating wind turbine in the US has been placed by the University of Maine for study while offshore wind in Europe is try it get cialis well developed?

written by Fuzzy Viking, June 04, 2013
Because of strong lobby groups in the US wanting to bury any possible competition. Frequently they use and abuse the peculiar tendency of US citizens to distrust anything "the government" or science tells them.

Here is an example ( Warning : Nutcase agenda ahead )
Obama's energy policy is right.
written by Minwoo Kim, June 04, 2013
Japan's FiT in July is among the viagra no rx highest in the world. Japan's FiT is shaking the renewable energy market. New solutions will be showed in Japan. This is it!
Floating Wind Turbine is one of the best solutions for USA and UK. U.K has more install places around its shores than any other in the world. USA has Atlantic Coast. As you know, Every year Some typhoons arrive Japan. The typhoon has strong wind. Floating Wind Turbines must have constructed to resist typhoons. So they have to tramadol 25mg reduce vibration to install Floating Wind Turbines on the sea. Because, it makes many kinds of problems! Vibration’s caused by wind, waves and external forces. New Floating Body Stabilizer for Floating Wind Turbines has been created in South Korea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when Floating Wind Turbines are being rolled and pitched on the water. Recently, this Floating Body Stabilizers have been used to reduce vibration of cialis brand Floating Solar Panels in South Korea. You can see New Floating Body Stabilizer videos in YouTube.,
Floating Wind Turbine also needs the directional control mooring technology.
What about the fish?, Low-rated comment [Show]
Could be a win
written by T. Caine, June 11, 2013
If successful, this kind of technology could be a big win for renewables. Of all of the renewable energy sources, wind power has arguably the strongest support across the illegal viagra sales canada power industry, political officials and the public. However, offshore wind still represents a vast amount of energy potential that is very expensive to install. If we can nail down floating turbines for a cheaper option of more reliable power, then all the better.
Under the surface
written by DH, June 20, 2013
Any chance the subsurface element of a unit like this could be designed to collect energy from wave power?
19th Century Technology
written by fletch92131, June 20, 2013
Why on earth are we so interested in imposing the technologies of the last century? There's a reason wind was abandoned, that is it cannot be a baseload electrical support technology. Let's wait for Cold Fusion, or other new technologies of the century!
written by Stefan, June 20, 2013
I certainly wouldn't wait for cold fusion which could be 100 years away. We need to explore every option we can that is more sustainable than fossil fuels. Wind can help just by displacing an equivelent ammount of coal generated power.
Research Assistant
written by elmanisero777, July 20, 2013
@Susan - there has been no documented effect of wind on generic levitra for sale fish. If anything there something called the "reef effect" - the substrate of the wind structure attracts mussels and levitra by mail other benthic organisms, attracting fish. Some are not sure if this is true benefit, but there is certainly no impact on fish from wind.

@DH its an interesting idea, but generally the places that are optimal for wind are not optimal for wave energy. Secondly, the energy capacity for wave technology (as it is not as developed as wind) is not near the same scale as the wind turbine would be. Lastly, when I brought this idea up to some of my wind engineering coworkers, they seemed to levitra 20mg think that the engineering challenge would not be worth the power output (not to mention any environmental impacts of combinations).

@fletch92131 - if you read recent papers by Willet Kempton, he has proved that we could have enough power for the entire system using almost exclusively wind power and/or storage. Assuming large implementation of offshore/onshore wind, there is absolutely no reason to think that wind cannot provide baseload electricity production.

Sources: PhD student studying Offshore Wind Policy
written by Grace Adams, July 30, 2013
A few days ago, the Blue/Green Alliance had a link to an article about offshore wind in Europe--Europe is really going for offshore wind. Europe does not have any where near as much of a business presence of viagra on sale large international fossil fuel firms as the United States--which makes green energy including wind and solar much more politically feasible. I really liked the floating spar buoy mounted wind turbines. They are supposed to be cheaper than wind turbines mounted on legs that reach all the way to the seabed or below in water deeper than 50m=150+ft. I wish we could go more for vertical axis wind turbines, partly for the sake of birds that seem to see and avoid them better than more common horizontal axis wind turbines, partly it might be easier to have wind turbines that don't have to be aimed into the tramadol 100mg wind, partly maybe the fat cat mansion owners might overlook them easier since they should be shorter. Offshore wind is supposed to be stronger and steadier than on-shore even in the Plains states. And it is supposed to have a smaller carbon footprint and cost less per kWh. But I suspect University of Delaware might be right--adding some solar for peak demand power and some storage and smart grid electronics to best prices for levitra better balance supply and sales viagra demand would make the whole electric grid more reliable. I also like geothermal power, both for some base load power and as a government make work project to keep a drilling rig and crew busy and out of mischief as we finally give up on drilling for oil.

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