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JUN 17

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"Wow, to be able to act as a storage device while producing its own ene..."

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Wearable Combined Power Generation and cheap discount levitra Storage

Most of the new power technology we learn about these days falls on one side or the other of the power-generation/power-storage divide. But a power cell developed by researcher Zhong Lin Wang at Georgia Tech both produces and stores power in the same tiny unit.

The self-charging cell uses a "piezoelectric membrane that drives lithium ions from one side of the cell to the other when the membrane is deformed by mechanical stress. The lithium ions driven through the polarized membrane by the ordering levitra without a prescription piezoelectric potential are directly stored as chemical energy using an electrochemical process."

According to the researchers, the direct transfer of physical energy (such as a shoe hitting pavement) to chemical energy is as much as five times as efficient as separate generation and storage systems.

The self-charging power cell is it's cool pharmacy viagra only a device the size of a coin, and only provides enough power to operate a small calculator. But the potential for use in wearable computing (as well as the everpresent "military applications," given DARPA sponsorship of overnight delivery cialis the research) make this technology an interesting one to watch for further development.

images: Gary Meek/GT Research News

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written by Carl, June 21, 2013
Is it possible for too much power to be generated by this process? What would happen if the cell became over-charged? Would the wearer receive an electrical shock or worse. Are the chemicals safe for wearing?
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written by Anna-Liisa, August 26, 2013
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written by Thomas Maloney, January 13, 2014
Wow, to be able to act as a storage device while producing its own energy seems really remarkable. It does sound a little unbelievable too because it works almost in an infinite cycle. I bet this device saves a lot of money and energy and if it is being utilized in a large organisation, that particular company will definitely need to worry less about energy resources and their corresponding costs on a monthly basis. That is an important factor to consider in when you are talking about large corporations operating on a very large scale.

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