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JUN 26

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"Humans have contributed to the Earth's decay. But the Earth is going t..."

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President Obama Calls for Reduction of Carbon Pollution, Outlines Climate Action Plan

President Obama has laid out a new national climate action plan in a speech given at Georgetown University. “I refuse to condemn your generation and canada online pharmacy propecia future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing,” the president said. The three-part plan involves cutting carbon pollution, helping states and cities prepare to weather the indian viagra impact of climate change, and--in distinctly American language--“lead[ing] the world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate.”

In addition to discount brand viagra pfizer calling for continuing increased reliance on viagra online buy clean energy, increasing funding for renewable energy development, and reducing energy waste, President Obama spoke in favor of link for you viagra online buy federal limits to the amount of carbon pollution that power plants can release into the air, one of the major sources of carbon pollution in America. “We limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury and sulfur and arsenic in our air or our water, but power plants can still dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air for free,” said President Obama. “ That’s not right, that’s not safe, and it needs to stop.” As part of this new carbon pollution initiative, the Environmental Protection Agency would set new pollution standards for current and future power plants.

President Obama commended states’ efforts in reducing carbon pollution. “More than 25 have set energy efficiency targets. More than 35 have set renewable energy targets,” said the president, stating further that it was “time for Washington to catch up with the rest of the country.” The president’s plan, however, did include continued production of cialis from canada fossil fuels. “Transitioning to a clean energy economy takes time,” President Obama said. The Keystone pipeline also gained mention, and the president said that the buy prescription levitra without State Department is in the final stages of evaluating the proposal. “The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward,” President Obama said. To applause, the president called for public financing to order cialis pill stop for new coal plants overseas, "unless they deploy carbon-capture technologies, or there's no other viable way for the poorest countries to generate electricity."

House Speaker John A. Boehner condemned the president’s proposals, stating “These policies, rejected even by the last Democratic-controlled Congress, will shutter power plants, destroy good-paying American jobs and raise electricity bills for families that can scarcely afford it.” In response to claims like this, the president pointed out that economic growth and limiting pollution are not mutually exclusive. He discussed the history of environmentally-concerned legislation, like the tramadol fedex Clean Air Act, fuel standards for automobile makers, and CFC regulation, which did not destroyed the economy: “When we phased out CFCs, the gases that were depleting the ozone layer, it didn’t kill off refrigerators or air-conditioners or deodorant. American workers and indian cialis businesses figured out how to do it better without harming the environment as much.” President Obama also mentioned that GM, Nike, and over 500 other businesses recently issued a Climate Declaration that calls for the federal government to take action on climate change, and that if addressing climate change was bad for businesses, shareholders, and customers, these companies wouldn’t rally behind a call for action.

While some critical details were absent, like just how much carbon pollution is acceptable from power plants, overseas coal plants, and the proposed Keystone pipeline for it to move forward, President Obama did not sugar coat the reality of the problems at hand. "Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm. And ultimately, we will be judged as a people, and as a society, and as a country on where we go from here." The president urged his audience to follow link cheap generic cialis "speak up for the facts" and take action: "Convince those in power to reduce our carbon pollution. Push your own communities to adopt smarter practices." A pdf of the climate action plan may be access here. The White House also released an infographic on climate change and the president’s plan to address it here.

image screen capture via White House YouTube Channel

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written by John Barefield, June 26, 2013
Dear Mr. President,

I would like to give my personal thanks for your stand on protecting us and the American nation from the clear and present dangers of man made climate change.

After decades of levitra mail no prescription collecting evidence, the imperative has become manifest: the time for change is now.

I feel proud that there are still serious-minded, patriotic Americans who put country before politics and make a stand for genuine change.

I feel confident that when my children try to explain science and nature to beta blockers and levitra their kids, they will at least be able to say, "Yes, there were some who stood up for what is right." I only hope they will be able to do so in a healthy, stable world, not one beset by the storms of a turbulent, disrupted Mother Nature.

It is now too late to avoid the repercussions of climate change altogether. But with your brave efforts, and with the support of educated Americans, we can at least steer the low cost canadian viagra country "back onto the road" before environmental peril leads to lasting economic stagnation.

Already, as I have read, before your proposal was announced, Speaker of the House John Boehner called it a "joke." But the joke is levitra 10mg on all of us if a narrow moneyed class with narrow interests sells the country for a short term profit, and leave us all with the cleanup bill.

This is an economic issue, because these problems cannot be separated. People must see that we can act now for the future, or prepare for permanent disaster relief and all the economic repercussions they entail.

Please accept my best wishes to you in your efforts in the challenging months ahead.

Yours sincerely,

John Barefield

Please, everyone who is concerned about our future and cialis no prescription the welfare of our country, our long-term economy, and our world, I beg you: pass this one along vie email, Facebook, Twitter and other media.
written by Robert, July 01, 2013
Bravo to president Obama and also to John, for his brilliant comment above. It's great to buy cialis and viagra online know that there are still people out there making change for the future of order cialis pill our world.
written by John Brofka, July 02, 2013
Until China and India curtail their prolific creation of coal-fired power plants, the President can close all US coal-fired power plants and the result to global climate change would zip, zilch, nada.
written by Mutant for Nuclear Power, July 05, 2013
I have been using a combination of grid and solar electricity for 30 years. I owned drove a electric car daily over 20 years ago. Government has no business interfering with commerce. Free enterprise any one? Coal plants work and are cost effective. People pollute . You are not going to save the little blue and levitra headaches green planet if you keep reproducing without regard for the environment. If I wanted to live in a commune ( agenda 21) I would have done so in the nineteen sixties. A carbon tax will make a few people rich. You are being used. You will love the new world order. Nothing new here.
written by Bill, July 05, 2013
It's great that we are taking action to reduce climate change, but I totally agree with John Brofka, until other developing countries adopt the same standards it will continue to be a problem.
written by Kaliwogger, July 06, 2013
Humans are going to become extinct like all life does on we choice soft cialis tablets this planet. Something more adapted will come along to exploit the best levitra prices niche.

Global warming just means that we are giving mother Earth a chance to renew itself.
written by Danny, July 14, 2013
Great article, but your links are all broken.
written by Powera, July 18, 2013
Humans have contributed to the Earth's decay. But the Earth is going through a natural change as well. She's tilting and there's nothing that can be done to cheap levitra online us stop it. As for lessening the carbon footprint, there are ways to create clean reusable energy. But no one wants to solve the problem cause they will have nothing to talk about and spend money on.

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