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AUG 21

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"What is that like 10kW of panels? Doesn't seem like much for a buildin..."

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​White House Gets Solar Panels (Again)

The White House is being outfitted with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels this week to once again make the residence of the President of the United States capable of producing some of the energy it consumes.

The White House has had solar panels before. The first solar panels on the White House were solar hot water panels that were installed in 1979, during Jimmy Carter's presidency. Those panels were subsequently ordered removed by Ronald Reagan. Some solar panels, both PV and water heating, were again installed on the grounds of cheapest cialis professional the White House during the George W Bush administration, providing electricity for the entire White House complex, as well as water heating for the White House pool.

The new panels being installed this week are, once more, directly on the White House itself. The manufacturer and tramadol no script overnight exact number of the panels has not been identified, although they are reported to be from an American company. The White House PV panels are expected to generate 19,700 kWh annually.

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Good news.
written by Solar Panels in Sheffield, August 31, 2013
Finally! White house shows excellent examble by taking solar panels to viagra in canada generate power.
written by Solar Panels Brisbane, December 29, 2013
What is that like 10kW of panels? Doesn't seem like much for a building that probably uses a tonne of power. It's good news though, America should be investing a lot more in solar PV panels

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